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Kylie Jenner Asks Fans to Name Her New Lip Kit, Hilarity Ensues

Back when Kylie Jenner’s lip kit first sold out, the reality star promised to release new shades in 2016. She’s making good on her pledge with a new kit debuting on Valentine’s Day. 

Exhausted from the mental strain of naming her last three kits (Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown K), Kylie asked her fans to come up with a moniker for the new pink color. They immediately flooded her Instagram page with name suggestions that either sounded like a Disney character (“Princess K”) or were too vulgar to print.  

Kylie ultimately settled on “Posie K” which is a disappointing choice to say the least. Consider the name opportunities she passed over: “Sheer Kontroversy” for her penchant for ending up in the tabloids or “Lip Filler La Fleur” for the injections that inspired her lip kit in the first place. 

But alas, “Posie K” won out over our brilliant suggestions. The fan who came up with the winning name, Shelby Tyler, is now Insta-famous thanks to a shoutout from Kylie herself. And people have already flooded Tyler’s comments suggesting she ask Kylie “for that check.” We doubt she’ll get paid for her creativity but Kylie did promise to gift her a lip kit. At least now she won’t have to pay thousands on eBay like the rest of Kylie’s fans

[via Teen Vogue]