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No Surprise Here: Rihanna Named America’s Most Marketable Celebrity

Image: @BadGalRiRi

Image: @BadGalRiRi

Bitch better have her endorsement money! Rihanna sells out every product she promotes from Puma sneakers to sheer furry socks. With her proven record of driving sales, we’re not surprised to learn a study by The NPD Group named her the most marketable celebrity in America. Bow down. 

After assessing 1,000 celebrities and 2,500 brands using the Brandlink database, the study confirmed that Rihanna is the strongest celebrity endorser, with Beyoncé coming in second and Usher and Ne-Yo tying for third. Rihanna’s score of 367, based on the number of brands she could strongly endorse, is three times higher than the average A-list celebrity including Angelina Jolie.

And if you think Rihanna can only sell MAC Cosmetics makeup and River Island clothes, you’re sadly mistaken. According to the study, the singer would even be a good spokesperson for the automotive company Jeep. We vaguely recall Rihanna riding around in a Jeep with Oprah in Barbados so this obviously makes perfect sense. 

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