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Gigi Hadid’s Famous Jalapeño Burger Just Won ‘Masterchef’

The world is finally catching on to the fact that models love to cook. Jourdan Dunn had a popular cooking show we all loved and Chrissy Teigen‘s coming out with a cookbook this year. The latest model to flaunt her superb culinary skills is Gigi Hadid.

Gigi won the celebrity edition of Masterchef with her masterpiece ‘The Gigi Burger,’ even garnering praise from Chef Gordon Ramsay who said, “Gigi your burger is f****** delicious.” The burger comes with pickled jalapeños, crispy onion nest and potato crisps on the side. Our mouths are currently watering. She battled fellow model Devon Windsor who made squid ink spaghetti with white wine sauce.

While acing the competition, Gigi appeared down-to-earth and endearing. She admitted she’s a big fan of chefs (“I only get starstruck over chefs”) and revealed she once went on a burger-eating tour of Manhattan (“The first year I lived in New York I tried a different burger every week to find my favorite burger in New York”).

The most heartwarming moment of the show occurred when Gigi revealed she’s donating her winning funds to Global Lyme Alliance. Her mother Yolanda Foster and siblings Bella and Anwar Hadid all suffer from Lyme disease. “Not enough people know what Lyme disease is and the dangers of being bitten by an insect,” the supermodel said through tears. She is donating $25,000 to the charity.

A model who loves burgers and gets passionate about making a difference? Gigi for President. 

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