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Vivienne Westwood Sends Penis Necklaces Down the Runway

Vivienne Westwood Menswear Fall 2016 penis necklace

image: Imaxtree

Here’s a fashion trend we didn’t see coming: penises. They were on full display at Rick Owens Fall 2015 menswear show and served as a theme for Terry Richardson‘s raunchy baby shower. The latest designer to embrace the male sex organ as muse is Vivienne Westwood.

At Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, Westwood dressed male models in colorful prints, pinstripe suits, metallic robes and penis necklaces. The heavy metal jewelry, available in silver and gold, features mini-penises dangling like charms. Westwood clearly has a sense of humor, designing of all things penis chokers. Pause for effect.

This isn’t the designer’s first foray into phallus fashion. Westwood once fashioned a leather clutch with a holographic penis and sent it to Rihanna, who wore it proudly. Her latest peen accessory should be just as popular. And now the followers of Eric Andre’s #FreeThePenis movement have an accessory to support their cause.

Vivienne Westwood Menswear Fall 2016 penis necklace

Image: Imaxtree

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