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Donald Trump Makes His Men’s Fashion Week Debut…Sort Of

Avoc PO m RF16 0023

After a Trump mannequin graced Alexis Bittar’s store windows, we had a feeling the Donald would soon be making his fashion rounds. Not even six months later, the outspoken presidential hopeful emerged on the runway at Mens Fashion Week in Paris, sort of. A model at Avoc’s Fall 2015 show donned a latex mask bearing the polarizing candidate’s face and signature scowl.

Despite the combover, the Avoc version of Trump was quite stylish, wearing a houndstooth turtleneck and navy peacoat. The unisex brand sent a few other notable politicians down the runway alongside the Donald. 

Hilary Clinton hit the catwalk in a relaxed variation of her beloved pantsuit:

Avoc PO m RF16 0035

President Barack Obama kept it cool in a classic white shirt and black trench:

Avoc PO m RF16 0015

And behold, the only time you’ll see former President George W. Bush in a skirt, with a front slit might we add:

Avoc PO m RF16 0033

Other cameos included world leaders and inexplicably, Darth Vader. Avoc’s first Mens Fashion Week runway show was inspired by “Natural Born Pirates” according to their Instagram page, a fact that does little to explain the masked caricatures. Avoc designers Bastien Laurent and Laura Do missed an opportunity to send a confused-looking Sarah Palin mask down the runway, but there’s always next season.

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Images: Imaxtree