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1D Fans Hit Peak Crazy Over Louis Tomlinson’s Rumoured Aussie-Themed Baby’s Name

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

One Direction hottie Louis Tomlinson welcomed a baby boy with ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth over the weekend and the internet is already going bezerk over the newborn’s possible name. Give the little guy a chance to breathe!



According to The Sun and multiple online media outlets globally, Louis and Briana haven’t yet filed a birth certificate, however, they’ve apparently agreed on “Sydney Rain” for the tot’s name, which is believed to be rubber stamped “in the next five days”.

Directioners around the world are kicking up a stink about the potential name. Some have suggested that “Sydney” is too well-known as a girl’s name (seriously, we that backward?), others just think it’s plain weird and belongs in a realm with other celeb names like North West and Apple. But the Aussies, well, natch we’re excited over the geographical reference. 

While we’re all for Louis seemingly tributing down under, it doesn’t help anyone that Sydney experienced quite the downfall of rain over the weekend, making for one heck of a confusing hashtag on social media. 

Thankfully for all Sydneysiders, Google is still giving us weather updates via the search term “Sydney rain”. Louis does come in a close second, though, which could make lives a little hard should you be more interested in meteorology than pop singers. 

Sydney Rain

Photo: Google

Meanwhile, the other half of the internet believes that the baby’s name is Jacob Tomlison, thanks to an unverified Facebook account under Briana’s name.

Let’s all hold off on the freak outs, tattoos and shrine until we hear an official statement from someone other than a “source”, OK?

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