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Move Over Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift Is Releasing Her Own Mobile Game

Taylor Swift

Photo: WENN

She dominates the pop music industry, is a solid member of the modelling crowd, designs and even acts from time to time (yes, CSI and Valentine’s Day count), so surely there’s no sector left for Taylor Swift to weasel her way into, right? Wrong. So wrong. 

The “Out of the Woods” singer is now making her foray into gaming, with Variety today announcing that Taylor has signed a contract with Glu Mobile, the same company responsible for “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, which earned a cool $43 million in its first three months. With Tay recently trumping Kimmy K’s Instagram following, the reality star better watch her throne.

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The game is not expected to be released until later this year, with Glu CEO, Niccolo de Masi explaining, “We realize that Taylor and her global fan base expect a new and highly differentiated mobile gaming experience.”

He continued, “Glu is equally committed to designing never before seen gameplay elements that utilize Taylor’s unique creativity. Accordingly, we will spend the required development time to ensure this innovation is achieved.”

Unsurprisingly, Glu Mobile’s stock jumped more than 26 per cent after its deal with Taylor was announced. While this will mark the pop singer’s gaming debut, Taylor has extreme influence in the technological sector.

Remember when she pulled her catalogue from Spotify in 2014 over payment terms and confronted Apple Music for not paying artists during the service’s three-month free trial period, which saw Apple reverse the policy?

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We’ll just take this as another step towards her world domination, and, yeah, we’ll probably download the game too. 

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