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Sorry Guys, Playboy Is Totally SFW Now

Courtesy of Playboy

Courtesy of Playboy

There’s a trend brewing and, for once, it involves keeping your clothes on. The Pirelli calendar chose to celebrate women of note instead of women in the nude this year. And Playboy just released a non-nude issue for the first time in its 62-year history.

The SFW issue was a long time coming. In August, Playboy changed its website to a work-safe version and enjoyed an increase in unique visitors. In October, the brand announced the shift toward non-nude images in print. Their reasoning? The abundance of porn available on the Internet, and competition from other magazines.

The March 2016 issue ushers in a new chapter in Playboy history with a fresh, non-nude “take on photographing the world’s most beautiful women,” according to a press release. But the magazine is still sexy. Snapchat/Instagram star Sarah McDaniel fronts its social media-inspired cover in a revealing photo shot “from a boyfriend’s perspective,” she said. Dree Hemingway (Mariel Hemingway’s daughter) has the honor of being the March playmate, and artist/model Myla Dalbesio took her own steamy photos for the issue.

Playboy is hoping the shift from full-frontal nudity will help generate sales. A SFW issue means “mainline newsstand placement and increased distribution” which may boost its print circulation from a mere 800,000 (for reference, they had 5.6 million subscribers in 1975 according to The Huffington Post). Apparently, sex doesn’t sell after all. 

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