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You Might Not Want Margot Robbie In Your Squad After Watching This

Margot Robbie

Photo: YouTube

Wondering if Margot Robbie will ever be scouted for Taylor Swift’s girl gang? We reckon her inability to spell squad could be a solid deal breaker.

The Aussie actress revealed on Stephen Colbert this week that she misspelled the modern-day term while tattooing Jai Courtney’s assistant, Simon, permanently imprinting “Swad” on her Suicide Squad colleague instead. It’s on his arm too, so we reckon he probably feels an epic sense of regret every time he doesn’t wear something long sleeved. So, like, all the bloody time. 

Considering Margot’s handed out about 26 tattoos in her time, including one on her own bod, and seems to lap up the experience, we’re going with an “it could’ve been worse” response this time around. Oh, and if you’re wondering how the heck S-Q-U-A-D turned into S-W-A-D, we’ll let Margot explain that for you in the video below.