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Eyeball Tattooing Gets the Nod in NSW Although the Opposition Want It Banned

Eyeball tattoos

Photo: @kyliebearpiercing

Remember that kind of frightening Eyeball Tattooing trend we reported on a while back? Well it seems that the controversial procedure has just been regulated in NSW, following a raft of health amendments enacted last Friday.

Declaring that “eyeball tattooing, tongue piercing and tongue tattooing are skin penetration procedures”, the amendments have drawn criticism from the Opposition who want to see the practice banned.

Involving injecting the whites of the eyes, or sclera, with coloured dye or dyes, many are concerned about the long term effects of the relatively new procedure. There have been cases of blindness already, however many eye surgeons also suggest the practice could have carcinogenic effects.

Speaking of the amendments, Health Minister Jillian Skinner explained that while, in general, procedures involving body piercing needed to covered by regulation, a ban on eyeball inking for cosmetic reasons was being investigated.

“I’ve sought advice as to whether there are any legitimate medical reasons for eyeball tattooing and if there are not then I will consider measures to ban the practice,” she said.

Opposition Health Spokesman Walt Secord isn’t hopeful she will find any mind you, labelling the procedure dangerous and irresponsible.

“This is not like ear piercing, this has major health risks and the quality of the dye brings concerns of the possibility of cancer, but also there’s the risk of blindness,” he said.

“It’s a completely irresponsible practice and I have no idea why the Baird Government would want to regulate or legalise this procedure.

“I think the Baird Government has its priorities wrong.”

According to Mr Secord there were at least 20 cases of eyeball tattooing in NSW that he had been made aware of by doctors.

[Via The ABC]