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This Extreme Haircut Video Is BANANAS


Whether we’re chopping it all off or just getting a trim, there’s always some anxiety when we sit in a hair stylist’s chair. After all, we’re trusting them not to go all Edward Scissorhands on us. Which is why, in this new viral video from Barbershapp, we can’t even imagine the level of faith this model has in her stylist.

The hair stylist appears to free-form an intricate cut into the model’s pin-straight hair and begins by cutting the top layer into a one-inch halo. The resulting look, which features choppy, uneven layers that spiral around the crown of her head combined with longer teased-out pieces underneath, can only be described as bonkers. 

Worried about what a nightmare this would be to grow out? Never fear. The full-length version of the video on YouTube ends with the model shaving it all off. Alas, the cut was just an artful — and temporary — experiment.

Watch the full-length video below.