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‘Fuller House’ Threw Perfect Shade at the Olsen Twins in the Debut Episode

Courtesy of People Magazine

Courtesy of People Magazine

By now, we’ve all heard about the drama surrounding the Olsen twins and the former Full House cast. They famously didn’t invite cast members to Mary-Kate’s cigarette-filled wedding and opted out of the new Netflix series Fuller House. Creator Jeff Franklin is clapping back in the best way possible.

The first Fuller House episode featured a thinly-veiled jab at Mary-Kate and Ashley’s glamorous fashion careers. Stephanie Tanner asks her family where (Olsens’ character) Michelle is and Danny responds, “Well, Michelle sends her love. But she’s busy in New York, running her fashion empire.” His words are obviously laced with sarcasm. 

The cast then turns towards the camera and gives the studio audience a knowing glance. Their gesture has the same effect as someone coughing and muttering “BS!” Zing.

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Source: MTV

Franklin insists the shady scene was meant to be “playful,” not hurtful. “We had a bunch of options on how to handle that moment,” he told MTV News. “And that was by far the funniest and the most unexpected, so that’s what we went with. It made me laugh really hard. I love that joke. I hope the Olsen twins love it too because it’s meant to be a playful moment.” *Insert cough and “BS!” mutter*

Fortunately for us, more “playful” moments are in store this season. “In a later episode we do another joke about the Olsen twins, not Michelle,” he said. “It’s very meta. Every now and then we have fun with the world that surrounds Full House and Fuller House. We never did that back in the old days.” Let the shade continue.