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Watch: Kendall Jenner Plays Dress Up With Gigi Hadid and Gives Kim Kardashian a Foot Rub in This Adorable Fashion Week Video Diary

Kendall Jenner’s life behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week is even more exciting than you thought. The supermodel lets Vogue‘s cameras follow her for a day as she preps for shoots, meets with designers and gets her makeup done. The results are nothing short of hilarious.

The 19-year-old comes off as silly, endearing and refreshingly down-to-earth. She stages a runway show in her hotel with Gigi Hadid. Highlights include Jenner stuffing her bra with silicone inserts and sticking her toes in her BFF’s face, causing Gigi to remark that Kendall has an absurdly beautiful second toe.

Kendall gallivants around the set of a photo shoot without a shirt on before running to give a visiting Kim Kardashian a huge, topless hug. She stares into Marc Jacobs’s eyes on top of a conference room table and even shaves her legs in a car between appearances. Kendall. She’s just like us.

Check out her endlessly entertaining New York Fashion Week antics in the video above, filmed by Cass Bird for Vogue and styled by fashion editor Sara Moonves.

[via Vogue]