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Melbourne’s Kim Kardashian Mural Has Already Been Defaced



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Yesterday Kim Kardashian was splashed across the Aussie news all over again, but this time not for something she had done herself: a massive mural of the selfie-snapping star appeared in Melbourne and it sent us all into an excited head spin.

That’s right: street artist and activist, lushsux treated us to a three storey-high mural that took him “as long as it took Kim Kardashian to get 100,000 comments on the original photo of herself in the nude.”

For such quick work, the artist rendered an impressive likeness to the now-iconic naked selfie in his portrait and it went viral within hours.

As inevitably and quickly as Kim’s selfie attracted criticism, though, lushsux’s artwork was defaced by opponents who threw paint at it and scrawled ‘SLUT’ across Kim’s lower torso.

Just a few hours ago, the artist jumped onto Instagram to show the world the damage that had been done, writing “Andddd this is why we can’t have nice things.”

Speaking to Huffpost Australia, lushsux described wanting to paint the nude selfie “in public, on a three story high building” as soon as he saw it online and said “maybe I’m as much of an attention seeker as she is?”

Attention the mural certainly has attracted.

After surveying the damage this morning, the artist added: “It’s just another painting in a long line of paintings I have completed that seem to get people all frazzled.”

“I’m pretty bummed,” he said to Pedestrian TV. “But it was a given considering the subject matter.” The owner of the building hosting the artwork also said he’s “disappointed” with what’s happened.

Kim K recently spoke up against body-shaming and slut-shaming after she received criticism for reposting her famous naked selfie on International Women’s Day.



Andddd this is why we can’t have nice things @kimkardashian

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When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL

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