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Zendaya Claps Back at a Comedian’s Attempt to Body Shame Her on Twitter


Lots to smile about… Thank you for that gift

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It’s odd that people continue to attack Zendaya given how powerful and eloquent her responses are. The latest critic to bombard the teenage star with woefully ignorant comments is Julie Klausner. The Difficult People actress went on a Twitter rant, slamming Zendaya’s body shape after her appearance at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Klausner made light of eating disorders, Zendaya’s health and her previous exchange with Giuliana Rancic in a series of cruel comments. But true to form, the 19-year-old star responded with grace and class.

Ultimately, Klausner saw the error in her ways and promised to be more thoughtful going forward.

Who knew thinking before tweeting would be so difficult for adults?

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