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Reese Witherspoon Is Bringing Her Wisdom to Australia, but It’ll Cost You a Cool $2K to See Her

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Reese Witherspoon has come a long way since her iconic turn as Legally Blonde‘s Elle Woods, who taught us all that strong women can stick it to society’s expectations and succeed at whatsoever they choose, as long as they never lose faith in themselves or let others’ douchebaggery stand in their way.


Since then, Reese Witherspoon has continued to inspire us – going on to win an Oscar, launching her own production company and fashion line, raising a family and actively campaigning for a number of international charities – all while learning from her past mistakes (*cough* Legally Blonde 2 *cough*).

And now, she’s coming to impart some of that wisdom upon her Aussie fans at the touring Simpatico Connection Conference, which is due to hit our shores this July.

Appearing alongside prominent psychologists and professional trainers, Witherspoon will be hosting a talk about “our ability to persuade, to communicate, to negotiate and lead the teams we surround ourselves with”.

But there’s one catch: Reese’s pieces of wisdom will set you back a cool $2K.


Yup. And add to that an extra $500 if you’d fancy preferred seating, a VIP reception and a photo with Reese herself.

Here’s the price list, via Simpatico Connect:

reece prices

We can’t help but feel like anyone who’s got that much spare cash, probably has already got their life together enough so as not to need a pep-talk from a bonafide A-lister.

But if you’ve been stashing away your pineapples in anticipation of an opportunity just like this one, you can book a ticket to hear Reese bestow her wisdom upon you in person via the Simpatico website.

The rest of us will just have to stick re-watching Legally Blonde on Netflix and milking it for invaluable life tips.

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