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There’s Now a Sports Bra With a Built-In Self Defense Feature

Courtesy of Booby Trap Bras

Courtesy of Booby Trap Bras

Most women recognize the danger of jogging alone. You can easily be followed and tracked by assailants and in the case of an attack, you don’t have a bag, a small knife or even pepper spray to protect you. Jennifer Cutrona hopes to change that with her new invention: the Booby Trap bra.

The bra contains a small pocket in the front that can house a knife or pepper spray to be used in self-defense. Cutrona currently sells two styles: the Just In Case Knife Bra (54.99) and the Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra ($49.99).

The mother of two created the innovative bra after she was attacked while jogging on a Texas trail. Thankfully, she escaped with her life. She says the thought of her two sons gave her the will to break free. “After this happened to me, I realized that I may not be a lot to many people, but to these guys, I’m everything,” she told Fox 59. The unthinkable ordeal spurred Cutrona into action with the hopes of protecting other women.

“Just be ready,” is the advice Cutrona’s mother, Cindy Andrews, gives to other women. “You have to take responsibility for yourself and your own protection.” Indeed.

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