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Tinder Just Figured Out Who Our Next President Will Be

Graphic Courtesy of Tinder

Graphic Courtesy of Tinder

Tinder is good for more than a quick weekend hookup — who knew? In collaboration with “Rock the Vote,” the dating app recently launched a “Swipe the Vote” feature to determine which candidate users are most likely to back in an election.

The results may surprise you. Bernie Sanders beat all the leading candidates with 37.8 percent of swipes. Hillary Clinton came in close second, trailing Sanders by just 200 matches, getting 37.6 percent of swipes. Interestingly, the majority of males matched with Clinton, while the majority of females chose Sanders.

The Republicans rated far behind Democrats. Donald Trump only garnered 8.1 percent of the votes while Ted Cruz scored 14.3 percent. Believe it or not, Tinder users are smarter than the American public most.

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Another interesting factoid? Men chose Republican candidates almost twice as much as female voters. Word to the wise: don’t bring up politics on your first Tinder date.