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Meet the First Model With Down Syndrome to Land a Beauty Campaign

Courtesy of Beauty & Pinups

Courtesy of Beauty & Pin-ups

The democratization of fashion isn’t just about race, gender identity and size. It also extends to models with developmental disabilities. Katie Meade is the first model with Down syndrome to be the face of a haircare brand. The 32-year-old stunner fronts the latest campaign for Beauty & Pin-Ups, promoting its Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment.

Beauty & Pinups CEO, Kenny Kahn, booked Meade through Best Buddies, a non-profit founded to find employment for people with disabilities. “The Beauty & Pin-Ups brand is a celebration of the empowerment of a woman and what it took to be a pin-up in 1935, and carrying that message in a modern sense,” Kahn said. “So as we were launching this product, in our mind it could have been the next traditional pin-up — but as soon as we came up with the name ‘Fearless’ it was really easy, we were like, ‘Well Katie’s fearless.'”

Katie Meade isn’t alone in making history for models with Down syndrome. In September of this year, Madeline Stuart became the first model with Down syndrome to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. Thanks to their milestone achievements, the fashion industry just took a major step forward in the fight for diversity.

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