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Vanessa Hudgens Spent $190 on Her Pot Leaf-Accented Coachella Nails


Did someone say Coachella? Nails @laquenailbar

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Ever since that fateful New York Times article hit the presses, we vowed never to skimp on a manicure, always thoroughly research our salons and compensate our nail technicians generously for their services. Vanessa Hudgens takes it one step further. In honor of her favorite festival, the lauded Coachella Queen splurged on a Swarovski-studded, pot leaf-accented nail design — to the tune of $190.

According to People. said Marie Antoinette-worthy mani occurred at Laqué Nail Bar in Beverly Hills. The look was achieved using OPI gel color Ice-Bergers and Fries (part of its killer Nordic collection) with a Laqué brand matte top coat. Once the paint dried, Hudgens’ manicurist applied the 3D extras – crystals priced at $15 a cluster, smaller flat black stones at the base of the singer’s nails and, last but not least, free-drawn marijuana leaves in Rose Gold Leaf Vetro polish. (Now, imagine how much the mani would’ve cost if Hudgens had opted for an actual weed-infused manicure.)

Nearly three hours later, Vanessa and her sister Stella (whose more modest design cost $105 and only two-and-a-half precious hours of life) left the salon beaming. “She was in love with it. She couldn’t stop looking at it. She was super excited,” Marina Torosian, the establishment’s owner, gladly shared with People. For all their extravagance, the Hudgens’ nails are true — if temporary — works of art.

There’s no question Coachella is quite the boon to the fashion and beauty — as well as the music — industry. Makeup trends are born, shoulder-less tops leap off shelves, beloved pop stars go blonde. At Torosian’s salon, it’s a very busy time, with young festival-goers splurging on extras: emoji faces, rainbows and, naturally, pot leaves. Here’s hoping they tip accordingly.