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Watch: The Oscar for Best Carpool Karaoke Session Goes to Gwen Stefani, George Clooney and Julia Roberts

James Corden has nailed it again. This Wednesday, The Late Late Show host invited the voice of our every angst-ridden moment, Gwen Stefani, to “Carpool Karaoke” and the results were nothing short of magical.

Highlights include the No Doubt co-founder sharing the secret to her youth (apart from cosmetic surgery), explaining what the heck she is saying in “The Sweet Escape” and acting out various emojis, until Corden stumps her by declaring she be the “eggplant.” (“It’s the dick, no? Yea, the eggplant is this guy. It’s the truth, as I call it,” Corden explains, to which Gwen, giggling, points out that the name of her new record is This Is What the Truth Feels Like.)

That said, what really wins this session the Oscar for Best Carpool are the guest appearances by George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The quartet discusses the nuances of “Hollaback Girl” (it’s a diss track, target unknown), favorite lines from their movies (Corden quotes Notting Hill, Clooney says he no longer feels comfortable with Corden helming the wheel) and belts out some Queen.

Watch these champions do their thing in the video above.

[ via Mashable ]