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The Unstoppable #Navy Crashed the Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik Site

The footwear tycoons over at Manolo Blanik are cooling their stiletto heels, basking in glow of the Rihanna effect while their tech team clocks overtime hours. The limited-edition denim footwear collaboration between the king of footwear and the queen of pop launched earlier this week, and the brand’s dedicated microsite has repeatedly collapsed in the Bahamian heat.

Manolo Blanik, ever the gentleman, won’t release sales figures or traffic numbers, but Kristina Blahnik did confirm sales of the just #denimdesserts collection have been “steady and constant” across the globe, “which is what we expected of a luxury, high-value product and the more considered purchaser. In fact, when we went live on our microsite, it crashed a few times. It was all up and running again, but the volume of traffic was so high that it has taken us a little bit aback.”

We would really love to see the sales figures on those sequin-lined thigh-high chaps, the 9 to 5 boots, which only the Anti singer herself could logistically wear to work — though she admonished one Vogue editor who asked if she’d wear them on a date: “Depends on what kind of date you are trying to have. Guuurrrl! Those boots are dangerous! If you’re trying to get back home to your bed, don’t wear them boots! You will get kidnapped in those boots, those boots are trouble.”

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With only 400 pairs from the collection stocked at each of Blanhik’s flagship stores, the majority of sales have been online. Why go the brick-and-mortar route when special online orders come with a sketch signed by Ri Ri and Manolo?

There’s even been spillover: not only are fashionistas shopping the 6-piece collaboration (priced between $940 and $4,265, depending on the silhouette), there’s also “been a rise in the seasonal fashion collection sold online, which demonstrates that the collaboration is bringing a more directional customer to the brand.” Unsurprising, as Rihanna’s fanbase is clearly possessed of excellent taste — and loyal to a financial fault — making Rih marketing gold, even for self-assured brands like Manolo that seek out the multifaceted designer mostly “to have fun.” (Although, the way the luxury market is going, we cynics doubt Rihanna’s success with Puma went overlooked by Manolo’s team.)

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be dreaming of denim as we take modest comfort in our furry slides.

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