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MAC Is Feeding Our 90s Nostalgia With This Color-Changing Lip Balm

MAC's Tendertalk Lip Balm purportedly transforms color based on your skin’s chemistry while hydrating your smile.

Image: MAC Cosmetics

It’s a truth as old as time: fashion and beauty trends are cyclical. Although the thin, rainbow-shaped brows from the 90s haven’t yet made a comeback (and please let it remain so), shade-shifting products are regaining ground — and if our now-pink mood rings are any indication, this makes us happy.

On-trend as always, the beauty experts over at MAC Cosmetics have promised us the perfect personalized pout just in time for our seasonal makeup update. Tapping into our nostalgia (and our need to keep our lips moisturized in the face of the insane summer sun), MAC’s new Tendertalk Lip Balm line purportedly transforms color based on your skin’s chemistry while hydrating your smile.

The pH-sensitive balm comes in five subtle hues — Candy Wrapped (sheer pink), Pretty Me Up (sheer coral), Play With Me (sheer red), Teddy Pink (sheer bright pink) and Side Dish (sheer plum). Each tube is priced at $20 and will be available online June 2 (which is shaping up to be an auspicious day for summer releases) and at brick-and-mortar locations June 9. We’ll be testing our feelings in-store before we commit to the somewhat pricey balm (for only $13 more you can snatch up a tube of Dior’s cult-favorite color changing Addict Lip Glow), but at the moment, Tendertalk is definitely speaking to us.

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