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How to Spot a Knockoff Kylie Jenner Lip Kit a Mile Away

Kylie Jenner’s coveted Lip Kit collections are among the great beauty phenomena of our time. When Jenner first launched her liquid lipstick line last November (has it only been that long?) her entire stock sold out in minutes. Although the products have been praised for their wearability and opaque, long-lasting formula, it’s clear Kylie’s star power has contributed to their popularity immeasurably.

As one beauty blogger pointed out, the Lip Kits’ ingredients are essentially identical to those in ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, but there’s no shortage of those. What can we say, we’re suckers for packaging.

Therein lies the problem. Lip Kits repeatedly sell out, Kylie’s cosmetics empire continues to grow and outside parties seek ways to get in on the action. As with any profitable item, people are quick to resell their Lip Kits on eBay at ridiculously elevated price points — but at least both sides walk away satisfied. However, some unconscionable schemers have taken it much further, sending customers fake emails offering freebies in order to steal their personal information. Others are now producing their own knockoffs.

Thankfully, pretenders aren’t hard to spot. First, the tops of the faux Lip Kit boxes are white, whereas originals tout the name of the shade and the color of the product. Second, the lettering is thinner on the faux Candy Ks, Literallys, King Ks and so forth. Finally, on the fakes, the opening of the tube is white. True tubes are entirely clear.

Even so, the likelihood that you’ll get to inspect a fake Lip Kit before purchasing is slim to none, so we’d advise patience. Get your Kylie fix only from the woman herself and be sure to keep a keen eye on her Snapchat so you know when the next restock is coming. Or save yourself the effort and try out these metallic lipsticks instead.

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