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Watch: Meet the Viral Bath Bombs That Tranform Your Tub Into a Horror Show

At the end of a long, hard day, we indulge in a bath for the sensory experience. In terms of cleaning ourselves, a shower is far more functional. The same could be said of the bath bombs we drop in our tubs. The salts and oils that radiate from these effervescent bulbs would be more effective sans irritating dyes and perfumes, but half the joy is watching the progress of that colorful fizz.

Much like our penchant for scary movies (hear us out). “For [some] being scared in a safe place is a source of enjoyment and makes them feel good physically and can even serve as a confidence boost by reminding us that we can make it through a scary situation, we are strong,” says Margee Kerr, a sociologist who specializes in fear.

Now, you can combine all three sensory experiences, thanks to Belfast-based retailer Bella Muerte Clothing. In addition to selling apparel, Bella Muerte developed its own line of cruelty-free, vegan, gothic bath bombs called hex bombs to appeal to “dark sweet hearts.”

“Our hex bombs are completely handmade. As we own a gothic clothing store, I have had a huge interest in the gothic subculture and fashion since I was a teenager. I had been thinking about creating beauty products that would appeal to likeminded individuals and that would be unique. I started with the designs for hex bomb in January 2016, made a few prototypes, made a few mistakes but with a lot of trial and error, product testing and certification, we released the product through Instagram,” the products’ creator, Maria, shared with Buzzfeed.

The baby berry-scented Bathory bomb transforms your tub into pool of blood. The cherry cupcake-flavored Hell Fury bauble creates the illusion of a pool of lava. The indulgent, chocolate chip cookie-laced Serpent turns water an emerald green color, so it’s as if the Wicked Witch of the West melted in your bath. The lilac-infused Nightmare bomb oozes purple, the frosty mint Elixir a midnight blue or forest green dye.

Perhaps the creepiest of all, though, is the aptly named Black as Your Soul rose-scented bath bomb, a video of which is now going viral on Instagram. A 26-second clip taken by Emma Louise, or if we’re going by handles, @toxicbitchcraft, shows the bomb being slowly submerged in a bathtub. The equally disturbing and mesmerizing video now has over 1.6 million views. It basically looks as if Voldemort is being released from a strange choice of Horcrux.

Unfortunately, thrill-seekers will have to wait for the brand to restock its now world-famous bath bombs (priced at £3 or approximately $4.25), but you can pre-order now.

Will you be partaking? Sound off in the comments below. Personally, our favorite bath accessory remains a glass of wine.

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