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Selena Gomez Takes James Corden on a Thrill Ride in This Week’s Carpool Karaoke

This segment of Carpool Karaoke has been brought to you by McDonald’s, a posh brand of ginger extract and a serendipitously placed amusement park somewhere in the proximity of Selena Gomez’s house and the set of the Late Late Show.

At this point, we all know the drill: front view camera pans to celebrity, celebrity and James Corden belt out celebrity’s latest hits, then greatest hits, occasionally with surprise guest accompaniment. Somewhere in the mix there’s a q. and a. aside.


Getting a lift to work with this little chaffinch today! This is my 1st Instagram post!!!!

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The Come and Get It singer insisted on a quick pit stop on the way to work and then proceeded to take Corden on the roller coaster ride of his life — all while belting out the aforementioned song, hands pumping in the air. Corden, to his credit, mostly maintained his tune and composure.

Still intent on upsetting Corden’s stomach, the singer and show host followed up their whirlwind adventure with ginger shots and a trip to McDonald’s for Selena-themed refreshment. Our feelings towards this session are pretty much on par with those of the Mickey D’s drive-thru attendants. See what we mean in the video above.