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This Korean Makeup Artist’s Surreal Creations Are Better Than Photoshop

Remember that shot in Garden State where Zach Braff stares at us slash his bathroom mirror with those intensely vacant eyes, camouflaged against the room’s wallpaper by that questionable button-down? Or Gotye and Kimbra’s music video for possibly the most heart-wrenching, overplayed song of 2011? Well, now South Korean makeup artist Dain Yoon is channeling those same illusionary effects, but with much more entrancing results. (Snapchat copycats, move along.)

Yoon, a senior at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, uses watercolors and makeup to transform her facial features and body parts into mind-bending works of art. From Baroque wall clocks to cloudy skies, Yoon blends herself into her surroundings with incredible skill — and without the use of Photoshop. She also dabbles in performance art, once disguising her entire form as a garden wall. The 22-year-old’s mind-boggling talents have earned her over 29,000 Instagram followers to date.

Yoon’s inspiration comes from both film and daily life. She considers visual illusion a way to capture individuals’ “multidimensional perspectives that humans possess” — and put her own multidisciplinary gifts to good use. “I have discovered that different people resonate different first impressions, and those change as I study them,” she told Refinery29. “In the same way that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I realized that what I see on the surface doesn’t cover every perspective.”

The goal of her overlapping pieces is to give viewers some enjoyment and allow them to “forget their worries for a couple of seconds.” Mission accomplished, we’d say. Scroll down to further admire the surrealist’s incredible slight of hand, and prepare to seriously trip out.



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