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Watch: Amy Schumer Is Just as Frustrated With That Gun Control Ruling as You Are

Yesterday, the Senate voted to keep a proposal to block gun sales to suspected terrorists on the bargaining table but even that minimal measure has been placed in a bureaucratic limbo that will likely prevent it from being adopted anytime soon. Cue a deep, deep sigh.

Amy Schumer has been an outspoken advocate of gun control ever since a gunman opened fire in a Louisiana theater during a screening of Trainwreck, claiming two causalities before taking his own life. In 2015, she broached the topic on SNL. This April, her own Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer, dedicated an entire episode to the subject of gun control (entitled “Welcome to the Gun Show”). However, in light of the recent mass shooting in Orlando and yesterday’s Senate ruling, the no-nonsense comedian and Vogue cover girl released yet another sketch communicating her disgust with legislators’ mishandling of the issue.

“I am sickened by the cowardice of these people who are supposed to lead us,” Schumer stated in an interview with Politico. “Their dedication seems to be only to dollar signs for their own pockets. In November, we will remember who stood with the gun lobby, rather than their constituents, as we mourned for Orlando.”

It’s hard to laugh at the sketch (which was cut from the aforementioned gun-themed episode), given that the message is all too real. H. Jon Benjamin (the beloved voice of Archer and Bob’s Burger’s titular protagonists) plays an accident lawyer in one of those shady, low-budget commercials that Breaking Bad mocked best.

“Have you ever been injured in a mass shooting or other gun crime? Do you want justice?” asks Benjamin. “Hi, I’m Toby Shrak of the law firm of Shrak and Murphy, but don’t call me, because there’s nothing I can do.” He continues, “Since my brother caught a stray bullet at a mall shooting, I found out it’s not even worth it to try to sue gun or ammo manufacturers because the law gives them almost complete immunity from liability.” Victims of gun shootings and pointless lawyer’s fees then recount their sorry experiences fighting for justice (Except for one perp who slipped during a school shooting and successfully sued the district).

Alright, we lied. There are a few more funny moments, it’s just hard for us to smile right now. See for yourself in the video above.

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