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Swimsuits For All’s Latest Body Positive Campaign Says #DontMindtheGap, Take a Belfie

Iskra Lawrence for Swimsuitsforall.

Image: Swimsuitsforall

Fourth of July weekend — the apex of bikini season — is upon us. Before we shed our office attire in favor of more water-resistant wear, Swimsuits For All is here to remind us to celebrate, not scrutinize, our beach bods. The self-professed “leading online retailer for curvy swimwear” just launched its latest campaign, entitled “Don’t Mind the Gap,” to remind us that the amount of space between our legs does not determine our sexual appeal.

Ashley Graham for Swimsuitsforall.

Image: Swimsuitsforall

In a series of borderline NSFW images reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s photo shoot on that blessed Thai beach, 15 curvy models including Ashley Graham, Denise Bidot, Jordyn Woods (Kylie Jenner’s model bestie) and Iskra Lawrence show off their glistening rears and thighs. As they bask oceanside and emerge from pools, these diverse women remind onlookers that negative space isn’t the only thing that looks hot in a cheeky bottom. (Marquita Pring wins the award for best in show with her sassy, sand-imprinted derrière.)

Marquita Pring for Swimsuitsforall.

Image: Swimsuitsforall

It’s a steamy, humorous reminder that our collective fixation with thigh gaps and other narrow, often unhealthy measures of beauty is totally ridiculous. “The issue with the thigh gap standard is that it’s a one-size-fits-all mentality,” Bidot said of the campaign in an interview with Self. “If you look at the world around you, that narrow category leaves out so many beautiful people. Our standard of beauty should be this: Being unique is beautiful.”

Denise Bidot for Swimsuitsforall.

Image: Swimsuitsforall

As no social media campaign would be complete without at least one call-to-action hashtag, the brand asks women to proudly share their own belfie using the tags #DontMindTheGap and #MySwimBody.

While two hashtags may seem a bit excessive to some, the campaign is the latest installment of Swimsuits For All’s ongoing body-positive #MySwimBody movement, of which “The goal is to have 10,000 women in a swimsuit proudly showing off their curves and celebrating their unique swim bodies,” said the brand in a statement. At the moment, they’re 40 percent of the way there.

Now, who’s reenacting that motorboat shot?

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