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Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Walk on Water at Fendi’s 90th Anniversary Show


one of the most beautiful shows last night with @fendi #Fendi90Years

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Further widening the divide between supermodels and mortals, yesterday evening Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner did something particularly goddess-like: They walked on water. In heels.

Or so it appeared to Kate Hudson, Bella Thorne and the other lucky onlookers who attended Fendi’s 90th anniversary show at Rome’s historic Trevi Fountain. A Plexiglass runway allowed Karl Lagerfeld’s ethereal creations to glide across the coin-speckled pool. (One coin thrown over your right shoulder promises you’ll return to Rome, two and a new romance is headed your way, three and you’re bound to get hitched — the site makes an estimated 3,000 Euros daily.)

However, it was the fashion house’s philanthropic largesse that truly allowed Bella and Kendall’s feat to take place. Fendi funded the restoration of the world-renowned landmark and the city of Rome showed its gratitude by sanctioning the show (and several street closures while preparations were underway).

While the luxury market is in flux, Fendi is doing just fine, thanks in no small part to its creative director’s vivid imagination. Lagerfeld, inspired by illustrator Kay Nielsen’s fairytale princesses, witches and otherworldly creatures, designed the Legends and Fairy Tales showing with the aforementioned characters and bewitched surroundings in mind, his media of choice being fur.

“A fashion show in Rome at the Trevi Fountain is the best way to celebrate Fendi’s 90 years’ anniversary as it expresses our roots and DNA while transmitting daring creativity and craftsmanship,” Fendi chairman and CEO Pietro Beccari said in a statement. “The Trevi Fountain is a unique place, and it represents Fendi preservation of values, tradition and historic patronage while looking towards the future.” (Fendi opened its first boutique in Rome in 1926.)


Leading the ladies. Thanks @derekblasberg unforgettable !

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Ever the humble genius, Lagerfeld remarked, “I think this the most interesting happening at the fountain since Anita Ekberg,” referring to that iconic scene in Federico Fellini’s 1960 masterpiece La Dolce Vita in which Sylvia wades across the fountain. He’s got us there.

Take in all the magic in the video below. Thankfully, all splashes made were metaphorical.

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