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Sam Frost Speaks out About Her Own Mental Health After Publishing Worrying Tweet

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Former Bachelorette star Sam Frost posted a worrying tweet last week, responding to a series of trolls and fake accounts who had been bullying her online.

“To the fake accounts heavily trolling me online & into my personal life. If you wanted to break me.. Congratulations you have won,” Frost tweeted.

Now Frost, who co-hosts a radio show on 2DayFM with Rove McManus, has spoken publicly about her struggles with mental health while addressing the tweet in question.

“When I started this job, I’d been dealing a lot with the previous two years,” she said. “It was emotionally and mentally exhausting. And then I started this job – and I love my job – but I copped a really hard time. And everyone was so critical, and the media was critical, and trolls were just horrendous and I was just getting so heavily trolled, and other elements to it that I don’t even want to mention.”

She continued, “It got to a point for about three or four months that I would come to work, and go home. I wouldn’t even what to leave my house, I was so in an awful place, I was in a really really dark place. I’d shut my friends out, I’d shut my family out. I’d come to work, and go home, and I’d stay shut in that dark horrible place.”

Frost went on to talk about her breaking point, when she opened up to her boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek, telling him that she didn’t want to “wake up everyday anymore”. That was when she went to seek professional help, but recently the heavy internet abuse from trolls towards Frost and her family took her to a dark place once again.

“It just all fell heavily on me again,” she said. “I’ve worked so hard to get away from that dark place, [but] these trolls are relentless, they won’t stop,” she said.

To anyone experiencing similar struggles, Sam had a message. “I can guarantee you the best thing I ever did was I admitted to myself and a loved one that I’m actually not okay.”

Anyone requiring help or information on mental health can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

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