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For Only $2,730 You Can Own Khaleesi’s Iconic Dragon Neckpiece

The style icon of 2016 proclaimed that, at her best moments, she feels like Khaleesi, so it’s only natural the world outside of Westeros would want to channel Jon Snow’s aunt’s fierce wardrobe (if you haven’t watched the finale by now, it’s your own fault). In addition to being Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains and muse to Beyoncé, Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen has picked up another title: accessorizing authority.


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For those looking to authentically emulate Khaleesi’s bejeweled, braided (and summer-appropriate) swagger, Games of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton has got you covered. The trend-savvy Clapton teamed up with jewelry designers Yunus Ascott and Eliza Higginbottom of Yunis & Eliza to launch MEY Designs, which offers “jewelry seen on and inspired by the hit HBO series.” Our choker obsession has officially reached otherworldly heights.


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While Etsy and GOT enthusiasts have brought us Dany-inspired baubles before, they don’t compare to these HBO-sanctioned structural feats. “Whilst working on designs for season five, I realized that I wanted to create some unique sculptural pieces of jewelry for Khaleesi to help her visually express herself and her position within the story,” Clapton told Pret-a-Reporter. After Dany’s iconic dragon neckpiece (which she wore to the fighting pits, Drogon’s hillside lair, and beyond) stole the hearts of fans across the globe, Clapton decided a line featuring Dany’s intricate accessories could stand on its own, and an awesome jewelry label was born.

The brand’s premiere collection, called Mey for Game of Thrones, debuted June 30 and features 20 pieces made not from Valyrian steel, but solid sterling silver. Though not dragon-forged, a stackable Armor Ring will run you $95, while the aforementioned Drogon Neck Sculpture costs $2,730. That said, you can’t put a price on feeling like Khaleesi (and, in turn, Bey), though that 14-week wait time is a bit daunting. But think of it this way — at least you’re passing the time on dry land, not surrounded by a fleet of seasick Dothraki.