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Calling All Beauty Bloggers: Kim Kardashian’s New Reality Show Wants You to Compete to Join Her Glam Squad

Kim Kardashian’s vision of America is akin to that of Andrew Carnegie. Much like the late steel tycoon, she believes everyone is entitled to a chance at fame and fortune. And by everyone, we mean beauty bloggers with substantial followings, known for their makeup skills and tutorials.

According to a casting call announcement first spotted by PopSugar, Kim K has yet another reality show in works. Executive produced by KiKi herself (videographer of Kanye, foe of Taylor Swift) and the deep pockets behind Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York, the show, a sort of America’s Next Top Model for beauty bloggers, has already been picked up by a major cable television network.

In the series, hopefuls will vie for the opportunity to become beauty director of the Kardashian apps. Whether or not Kim will judge or host the beauty competition a la Tyra remains unclear, but if her money’s backing the series, we suspect she’ll do her part to boost ratings.

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Needless to say, competition is already fierce. “We have got a huge response from bloggers,” an anonymous source involved in casting the show told WWD. “Everyone wants to be a part of the Kardashian empire. The chance to have a career with the biggest names in fashion and beauty is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and even the biggest beauty bloggers in the country know that.”

According to the aforementioned source, the bar is set sky-high: “Kim wants to know that whoever is competing could easily be a part of her glam squad.” Makes sense — the winner will have the formidable responsibility of creating exclusive content and tutorials for Khloé, Kourtney and Kim’s apps.

What’s your verdict? Are you eager to tune in, or is this another Dash Dolls debacle in the making? Sound off in the comments below.