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You Can Aid Refugees AND Own a Piece of Fashion History by Buying Kate Moss’ DIY Denim

This June, cast members from HBO’s Game of Thrones teamed up with the International Rescue Committee to raise awareness of the Syrian refugee crisis and hopefully put pressure on European Union leaders to do more to aid those languishing in camps. Lena Headey, Maisie Williams and Liam Cunningham traveled to Lesbos to visit the displaced Syrians and share their stories. Now, more world-famous faces are lending their clout — or, more specifically, their jeans — to the cause.

Emma Watson's customized jeans by Johny Dar.

Emma Watson’s customized jeans by Johny Dar; Image: Vogue/Johny Dar

Kate Moss, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, Alicia Vikander and 96 other celebrities have donated their denim to American multimedia artist Johny Dar’s Jeans For Refugees initiative, all proceeds from which will go to support the International Rescue Committee, and, in turn, refugees all around the world. 

Kate Moss' customized jeans by Johny Dar.

Kate Moss’ customized jeans by Johny Dar; Image: Vogue/Johny Dar

Dar, who launched his first fashion label, Johnny Wonder, back in 1999, is known for his intricate, hand-printed pieces that fuse art and fashion (he’s also a respected sculptor, painter and producer, to name just a few of his many talents). For his Jeans for Refugees project, which Dar started after becoming heavily affected by heartbreaking images of refugee camps, the polymath turned each star’s used denim into a piece of captivating sartorial artwork. On January 7, 2016, Dar showcased his work with a runway show at Berlin Fashion Week. For those seeking a closer look, the imaginative pieces will be on view at the Saatchi Gallery in London in October 2016 — but only temporarily. Starting today, each creation will be auctioned off online via Catawiki.

Alicia Vikander's customized jeans by Johny Dar.

Alicia Vikander’s customized jeans by Johny Dar; Image: Vogue/Johny Dar

Of his process, Dar told Vogue, “In this case it’s not about fashion, it’s art. It’s an intuitive process, surfing whatever feelings were in the jeans from the celebrity who wore them, and doing my best to bring them out through the painting.”

How did Dar get so many big names to participate? Apparently, no one needed much persuading, given the nature of the cause: “I believe they were convinced the same way that I was convinced myself, and how everyone else became convinced  too – this is a humanitarian cause that is much grander than me and everyone involved in it. Everyone who is participating heard the call and answered.”

The first round of meticulously DIYed denim is available starting today, with new pieces being added over the next 100 days. Auctioneers estimate Kate’s jeans will go for between $13,770 and $19,280, but can you really put a price on helping your fellow man, or owning a pair of jeans that the greatest supermodel of our time once lounged in?