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Like Unicorns, Kylie Jenner’s Eyeshadow Palettes Came and Went, but a Restock Is on the Way


Kylie in the #bronzepalette #kyshadows

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Kylie Jenner’s namesake cosmetics company is trying new things, expanding to a palette. Yesterday, the teen mogul delivered on her repeated promises of great things to come by announcing the release of her nine-shade bronze Kyshadow palette via Snapchat. Each palette features the following hues: Jasper (a matte finish creamy beige), Quartz (a satin finish champagne gold), Topaz (a matte finish taupe), Goldstone (a satin finish bronze), Citrine (a matte finish bright orange), Tiger Eye (a matte finish light golden brown), Hematite (a matte finish chestnut brown), Bronze (a matte finish chocolate brown) and Onyx (a matte finish, you guessed it, black). Love her or leave her, you’ve got to admit the reality starlet’s got a serious eye for makeup trends.


The Bronze Palette #kyshadows

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Jenner originally revealed news of the $42 palette on her app, where makeup artist Ariel Tejada gave a step-by-step tutorial on Kylie’s signature eye look. Turns out the cosmetics queen has been priming us for the palette’s release all along: “I’ve been using this palette every day for the past five or six months. Every Snapchat video, every Instagram you’ve seen me in, it’s been this palette. It’s been so hard to keep this a secret,” Kylie stated on her app, adding, “I’m very specific about the color browns that go on my eye. This formula is very long-wearing, and [the shades] blend so effortlessly.” Afterwards, Ky took to Snapchat to show off her own formidable shading skills. 

As part of the product’s promotion, Kyles channeled her big sis Kim — who’s known to show up at ardent fans’ houses to help celebrate their birthdays — hopping around Los Angeles to hand-deliver her new product to a few lucky (read: avid) Kylie Cosmetics shoppers. With three more eye shadow palettes set to launch this year, Kylie is well on her way to having enough product to finally merit the opening of her oft-speculated about brick-and-mortar location.

Needless to say, the first round of Kyshadow sold out on in about 60 seconds but there’s another drop this Friday. Take that, Better Business Bureau.

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