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Watch: Cara Delevingne “Drops the Mic” on James Cordon and Dave Franco

Those of you who haven’t watched her Dubsmashes might be surprised by Cara Delevingne’s masterful comedic timing in this week’s “Drop the Mic” segment — the rest of us saw it coming. Last night, the Suicide Squad actress and her co-star Dave Franco swung by The Late Late Show to engage in a contest of rhymes and wits with the man best known for his decidedly gentler Carpool Karaoke rides. In the heated rap battle that ensued, claws came out, feelings may have been hurt (we even winced a couple of times), but our beloved model-turned-actress emerged deservedly victorious. Some of the most clever jabs (all said in good humor, of course) included Franco’s observation that Cara is “famous right now, but the comedown will be hellish — you won’t be a household name, because no one can f*cking spell it” and James Cordon’s Delevigne-directed diss: “My favourite Delevingne? I’d pick your sister Poppy, because she’s a real model and you’re just a copy.”

However, we knew Delevingne had cinched the win when she schooled both her adversaries with the following line: “You’re both shorter than me and I think you’ll find, I’ve hooked up with hotter girls than both of you combined.” Mic drop, indeed.

[ via Vogue ]