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Britney Spears Announces Her New Album With a Hilarious Prank on Jimmy Kimmel

Things that go bump in the night: the boogeyman, our toes as we blearily make our way to the bathroom, a living pop deity waking up Jimmy Kimmel for the purposes of trickery-slash-album promotion. Rounding out the week of the aughts comeback kid, yesterday Britney Spears took to Twitter to announce the details surrounding her latest album, Glory, due out August 26. Those who pre-order now will also be rewarded with an exclusive stream of her new track, Private Show.

Unfortunately, that audio experience won’t come anywhere close to the private show the aforementioned talk show host received a few nights prior, when Britney and her troupe of neon-body-painted male dancers stopped by Jimmy’s well-landscaped manse for a 1:46 am wake-up call.

Reaching Kimmel’s bedroom, Spears and her chiseled, half-naked crew launched into a carefully choreographed, lighting-enhanced performance of the pop legend’s new G-Eazy complemented single “Make Me” (which, thanks to its fresh-feeling, synth-heavy, R&B-inspired feel, has garnered rave reviews). As a tousled-haired Kimmel looked on dumbstruck from beneath the covers, Spears joined him on the bed, whipping her hair, rolling her body and lip-syncing along with the tune. Brit’s dancers didn’t take long to join in on the action. Don’t worry, the whole event, which was orchestrated by Kimmel’s wife, remained very tasteful and PG.

Check out the video above to see the ingenious prank in all its Glory.

[ via i-D and People ]