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Aussie Schoolgirl’s Speech Against Miniskirt Ban Goes Viral

A year nine student from Kambrya College in Victoria has spoken out against a ban on short skirts and ‘sexy selfies’ at her school.

Faith Sobotker uploaded a video slamming her school’s move, contesting that sexism and the objectification of young women should be what is targeted, and not the length of girls’ skirts. “I have self-respect, I look after myself,” Ms Sobotker says in the video. “You can’t tell me what self-respect is, you can’t tell me what ‘ladylike’ is.

“I’m looking for equality,” she continues. “I am 15 years old, you do not get to sexualise like me like that. Half the population is female, we are not sacred.” Ms. Sobotker goes on to speak about the battles she faces daily as a young woman, and the daily sexism that comes with seemingly trivial occurrences like boys constantly asking if she is on her period.

The video has gone viral and been shared by news outlets around the country, while Faith has faced significant backlash as well as significant support online. She has posted this status to her Facebook page in response.

In a statement posted to the Kambrya College website, the school’s Principal Michael Muscat says the school held an assembly with some female students, where the school’s uniform policy was discussed.

“The girls’ assembly was also used as an opportunity to remind students of the existing uniform policy, finalised late last year following an extensive consultation process involving all students, parents and staff,” he says. “I want to be clear here and say that in no way did we suggest that what girls wear makes harassment or abuse acceptable. This is never the case. The enforcement of our uniform policy and the abuse and the recent exploitation of girls online are separate issues and should be treated as such.”

The full statement can be read on the Kambrya College website.