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These Are the Top 6 Internationally Ranked Fashion Schools in the U.S.

Parsons School of Design in Manhattan

Parsons School of Design in Manhattan; Image: Parsons

The leading authority on the global fashion industry, The Business of Fashion (BoF), has released its much-anticipated second annual ranking of best fashion schools. The ranking is an initiative on BoF’s part to provide prospective students with an objective analysis and the tools to make an informed decision in pursuing a higher education in fashion. With over 10,000 students and alumni surveyed from 54 participating fashion schools in 17 countries, it is the world’s most comprehensive evaluation of the ever-expanding world of fashion academia. If you’re looking to learn the fashion ropes through a formal curriculum at a noteworthy institution, then BoF’s education report is a must-read.

So, how did America fare in the global market? With 14 schools making the cut, America had more top fashion schools than any other country. For undergraduate program offerings, New York’s Parsons School of Design came in internationally at number 5 and slightly lower at number 8 for its graduate program offerings. New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology followed closely at number 6 for undergraduate programs and also fell a bit lower at number 10 for graduate programs.

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While BoF noted that American schools offer unique opportunities to study overseas at satellite campuses and have actively responded to the demand for more business, technology and marketing courses in their programs, it stressed a concern over an ongoing surplus of design graduates in an increasingly saturated market.

International Ranking for Undergraduate Fashion Programs (50 Total Ranked)

  1. Parsons School of Design (New York), Ranked No. 5
  2. Fashion Institute of Technology (New York) , Ranked No. 6
  3. Drexel University (Philadelphia), Ranked No. 11
  4. Stephens College (Missouri), Ranked No. 14    
  5. Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgia), Ranked No. 18
  6. Kent State University (Ohio), Ranked No. 19

International Ranking for Graduate Fashion Programs (25 Total Ranked)

  1. Parsons School of Design (New York), Ranked No. 8   
  2. Fashion Institute of Technology (New York), Ranked No. 10                
  3. Philadelphia University (Philadelphia), Ranked No. 17 
  4. Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgia), Ranked No. 18

View BoF’s full rankings of the top 50 global fashion schools in 2016 here.