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Watch: This Hilarious Carrie Brownstein-Directed Fashion Film for Kenzo Imagines Social Media, IRL

If you thought Maya Thurman-Hawke frolicking through Woodstock for AllSaints was a stunner of a campaign video, wait til you see this. Kenzo’s latest fashion film combines the talents of Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein, House of Cards’ Mahershala Ali and Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne — and the result is just as clever and witty as anything you’d expect from the binge-TV triumvirate. The seven-minute — we know, in that time you could watch a whole third of a Sex and the City episode, but hear us out — short also features actress Laura Harrier as Abby, who is, quite literally, all of us (but maybe a little better at social media).

The Realest Real begins with social media maven Abby waiting in the lobby of the fictitious, eerie Institute of the Real and the Really Real for a meeting with the Minister of Public-Private Relations (Ali). A prim, no-nonsense Rowan Blanchard guides her to his office. Abby’s social media followers physically follow behind her. One wanders away, because they’re fickle like that. In the Minister’s office, puppies take selfies and the Minister explains to Abby that he has been observing her social media presence (every email, tweet, comment, caption and like she’s ever posted). He is pleased. Her reward? Natasha Lyonne is her new mommy, since Abby once commented “Mom” (“A term of affection implying that you are so fond of Ms. Lyonne that you wish she were your mother,” the Minister explains) on the actress’ Instagram. A hilarious, careful-what-you-wish for chain of events ensues.

Natasha Lyonne, Laura Harrier, and Mahershala Ali in Kenzo's fall campaign.

Natasha Lyonne, Laura Harrier, and Mahershala Ali in Kenzo’s fall campaign; Image: Kenzo

Brownstein, who wrote and directed the film, used it to shine the light on how social media blurs “the barriers between the ordinary and the famous.” In an interview, the queen of parody told WWD, “I use Instagram and Twitter, but I like to curate what I do. I don’t feel the obligation to over share and have it be a document or even a transcription of daily life. I’m an avid reader of it as a filter for information, but I think as someone that’s interested in the way that people use language, social media is very curious to me.”

Watch the full clip above for some serious laughs along with, of course, pattern-happy eye-candy. Carrie Brownstein, you are so #mom.

[ via WWD ]