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The M.A.C x Selena Collaboration Is Here and It Is Everything We Dreamed Of

Selena for M.A.C.

Image: M.A.C. Cosmetics

Last year, Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla’s rightfully devoted fanbase begged M.A.C. Cosmetics to create a line inspired by the style star via a petition. The cosmetics giant heard and obeyed and on October 6, the collection we’ve been dreaming of late at night when all the world was sleeping will hit select M.A.C locations as well as the retailer’s website.

In a press release, M.A.C. stated that the collection was “inspired by the devotion of all those still touched by the iconic Latin legend.” In La Reina’s stead, the makeup collaboration was “tenderly curated with Selena’s sister,” Suzette Quintanilla.

“I wanted the colors to be about her personally, what she wore on and offstage,” Suzette wrote earlier this year. “It just shows the love her fan base has even though she’s gone; that her music still lives on and her legacy has grown tremendously since she’s passed.”

Apparently, starting her own cosmetics line was one of Selena’s many aspirations, making this tribute collection that much more meaningful: “Helping to create this collection brings me back to all those late-night conversations on our tour bus when she spoke of having her own makeup line one day. If Selena were here she would be beyond ecstatic to have this happening. History is being made.”

Today, M.A.C. debuted the full collaboration, called #MACSelena, which includes lipsticks (one in a muted cherry red, Como the singer’s signature hue), eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, a lipglass and two shades of Techno Cumbia aka matte powder, along with a brush for application. (No eyebrow pencil, unfortunately.) Each lip and eye shade is named after one of the singer’s eternal hits, from Bidi Bidi Bom Bom to Dreaming of You.

Check out all the products — save for the $17 bubblegum pink lipglass, an online exclusive — in the slideshow below and get your crop tops, embellished bustiers, ruffle-neck tops and glittery jumpsuits primed for pairing.