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Watch: Kevin Hart and David Beckham Star in a Hilarious Buddy Comedy for H&M

Today in the world of news that meets the female gaze: David Beckham has returned for another aesthetically pleasing H&M short. We know what you’re thinking: Nope, this isn’t new footage of Becks racing through Los Angeles clad only in briefs. On the bright side, Brooklyn’s dad is joined by comedy legend Kevin Hart, his co-star in last September’s Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham campaign.

This time around, the fully dressed duo is hitting the road to Vegas to round up investors for “I, Beckham: The Musical” (in which Hart will play Beckham, natch). Cue the hysterical hijinks. Hart attempts to sing, David (and the audience) is horrified. The “hot bod brothers” get pulled over for a busted taillight, the cop wants to be BFFs. Kevin takes a wrong turn, the guys wind up in Mexico. They camp out for the night, the athlete narrowly saves Kevin from a deadly snake. Yadda yadda yadda…the pair ends up walking to Nevada with a coyote in tow.

“I loved shooting the first campaign with Kevin for H&M so much; we just had to do a sequel,” Beckham said in a press release for the Fall 2016 campaign. “This time we’ve pushed the story even further. I hope everyone likes it, we certainly enjoyed filming it.” The idea of the soccer legend fangirling over Hart is almost as adorable as the Fredrik Bond-lensed promo itself.

“It’s great to have the opportunity once more to show the world what everyone really knows, that I am the true inspiration for David Beckham’s style. He copies everything from me,” Hart quipped.

As for the clothes (which admittedly took a backseat to our Anglomania) — well, we’re glad borrowing from the boys is in. The range is filled with wearable, neutral necessities. (Our faves include the golden khaki button-down and MA-1-esque burgundy bomber.)

Take in the mini buddy comedy above as you wait for the collection to drop online and at H&M locations that carry menswear on September 29.