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Behold the Insanely Calming Viral Beauty Trend Known as Bun Dropping


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Today in the world of weirdly soothing videos brought to you by #theInternet, allow us to present (drumroll, please) the bun drop. Following in the footsteps of viral beauty trends like hidden rainbow hair and braid piercing, slow-motion videos of people undoing their tightly wound buns and letting their Rapunzel-like hair whirl downwards in a maelstrom of magnificence are taking Instagram by storm. (The hashtag #bundrop now has 1074 posts and counting.)

Scroll down to behold the mesmerizing beauty that is the bun drop and further enter into the catatonic state that is Monday mornings.

Also, if there are any scientists reading, we highly recommend recruiting these young women for a study of their keratin production centers. If they don’t hold the key to the next Rogaine, nothing does.


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“I just wanna feel liberated.”

Like watching paint mix.

OK, these have to be extensions, no?


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When two trends become one.


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We need an intervention…Fine, one more.