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Watch: Zoë Kravitz Applies Her War Paint and Hangs With Sheep in New YSL Beauty Short

Zoë Kravitz is our ultimate beauty inspiration. From her unapologetically bold makeup choices to her enviable cascade of baby braids to her delicate yet daring collection of piercings (she arguably got the septum resurgence going), the Lolawolf singer always nails it. Which is why we were unsurprised when, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty named the actress, model, musician and style star as its newest muse last May. Since joining forces with the celebrated French brand, Kravitz has debuted a more classic, glamorous look, often opting for a high-shine crimson mouth to go with her dramatic winged eyeliner.

Kravitz sports this same high-gloss lip in her new YSL beauty ad-slash-web-series-installment. Lensed by French filmmaker Fabien Constant (known for Mademoiselle C, his Carine Roitfeld documentary) the “Before the Light” series will also feature South Korean singer Gain and Lilly Wood and the Prick frontwoman Nili Hadida.

“Three cultures, three artists and yet one thing in common: an intimate space for the performer to apply makeup and slip into her character’s skin. With ‘Before the Light,’ this is the idea I’ve tried to capture in order to stay as close as possible to each singer’s creative universe,” Constant said of the project.

The semi-surrealist short (some of it’s in black-and-white, sheep show up for no reason) shows Kravitz goofing around with her band before a show, at one point slipping off to apply her makeup. “To me, makeup is this kind of war paint sometimes, especially before a show,” Kravitz says in a voiceover. “It changes the kind of performance that I’m going to give, the aesthetic that I’m kind of in touch with that night.”

While we’d like to bottle Kravitz’s essence into some sort of face mist, for the moment we’ll settle for a tube of Vinyl Cream Lip Stain or Volupté Tint-In-Oil. As Yves once said, “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

Watch the full clip above.

[ via WWD ]