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We’ve Gone off the Deep End: Pumpkin Spice Lattes Now Exist in Sneaker Form

Image: Saucony

Image: Saucony

Once September — or these days, late August — hits, nothing and no one is immune to pumpkin spice mania. Science says that the high dosage of sugar, salt and fat in the infamous Starbucks beverage triggers the same dopamine rush and addictive behavior as hard drugs. From where we stand (buzzing with caffeine and wishing we’d stop thinking in caps lock), we’d say that sounds about right.

And yet the public’s obsession with PSLs has evolved beyond chemicals and into the realm of the inedible — and sartorial. To wit: On October 21 at noon EST, New England-based shoe brand Saucony will release the Pumpkin Spice Grid SD, a limited-edition ode to the ubiquitous liquid dessert.

Saucony introduces its limited-release PSL trainer.

Om nom nom; Image: Saucony

Per a blog post on the company’s site, the trainers feature “a mix of premium burnt orange leather and suede on the upper with metallic orange accents. The toe box is wrapped in perforated cream [suede]. The midsole features an orange rust, smoky brown and transitions into white with brown speckle towards the toe box. A pigskin sock liner ensures increased comfort with every wear, while suede adorns the tongue with cinnamon accent rope laces.” …Did anyone else’s mouth just water?

We’re as partial to orange sneakers (hello, Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknits) as we are to piping-hot brews, so the idea of being spiced literally from the tips of our fingers to those of our toes is basically a dream come true. Hats off to the marketing genius whose morning fix inspired these $120 fall staples.

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