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Watch: Laverne Cox and Samira Wiley’s Lip Sync Battle Should Have Been a Tie

Orange Is the New Black fans, prepare to lose your breath. Months after we bade farewell to Samira Wiley under the most devastating circumstances possible — at the end of Season 4, her character was accidentally choked to death by a prison guard, becoming a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement — Poussey and Sophia have reunited once more.

On last night’s episode of Lip Sync Battle, OITNB’s Laverne Cox took on her former co-star. For her first act, the Rocky Horror Picture Show actress slayed Nicki Minaj’s Roman’s Revenge. Wiley countered with a soulful rendition of Toni Braxton’s Un-Break My Heart. We were floored and torn all at once. Chrissy Teigen, the actual winner of every Lip Sync Battle episode, expressed our sentiments perfectly.

It all came down to the second round, where Laverne Cox donned her Beyoncé best (that Cosmo cover was just a rehearsal, apparently). Cox bodysuited up, switched on the wind machine and got impressively acrobatic for Destiny’s Child’s Lose My Breath (no doubt a nod to the late Poussey, whose “I can’t breathe!” will forever echo in our thoughts). But the ever-lovable Wiley stole the show with her down-as-hell performance of Naughty By Nature’s O.P.P.

And when the actual O.P.P. showed up, the contest was over. Nostalgia FTW.

Watch the deciding round above and prepare to unbreak your OITNB-loving heart.