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Opening Ceremony Wants to Change the World With This Cotton T-shirt

There is nothing spectacular about a white cotton T-shirt. However, when printed with slogans or images, it’s a powerful means of expression. Capitalizing on this concept, Opening Ceremony and partner Cotton, Inc.are out to prove a T-shirt can change the world with its new The Most Powerful Tee. The unisex tee is customizable with a blank square printed in front and a fabric marker is included for the wearer to write their own message.

The vision of the collaboration is for wearers to have the freedom to express themselves by writing slogans or phrases they feel strongly about within the box. The T-shirt, then, is not just a collaboration between two companies but includes the wearer, as every tee becomes unique and personal.

Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

The Most Powerful Tee is available at Opening Ceremony for $85.