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Kylie Jenner Is Being Sued Over Her “Born to Sparkle” Eyeshadow

Image: Born to Sparkle Eyeshadow by Kylie Jenner

This isn’t the first time makeup mogul and television personality Kylie Jenner has been faced with accusations and lawsuits regarding copyright or trademark infringements (see a full accounting here). This time, Jenner is being accused of stealing indie company Sheree Cosmetics’ slogan, “Born to Sparkle,” to name one of her liquid eyeshadow products and for copying the brand’s packaging.

According to The Fashion Law, the Sheree Born to Sparkle palette has been available since October 2017 and in August 2018, the brand filed a still-pending application to federally register the mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Sheree stated that using the exact same tagline will likely confuse consumers and cause them “to believe they are buying the genuine, original BORN TO SPARKLE cosmetics from [Sheree Cosmetics].”

Image: Sheree Cosmetics

Sheree Cosmetics filed the lawsuit in federal court on October 22. There has been no comment made by Jenner or Kylie Cosmetics.

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