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Get Ready for a New Ava Nirui and Marc Jacobs Collaboration

Ava Nirui has made a name for herself in the fashion world through an unconventional method, by bootlegging high fashion brands. However, Nirui does not simply sell fakes, but redesigns their logos to match her own style of fashionable streetwear and twisting it with a sense of humor and playfulness. The designer has caught the attention of numerous high-end brands and celebrities, such as Nike and Chance the Rapper. In 2017, Nirui collaborated with Marc Jacobs on an embroidered “Mark Jacobes” hoodie.

Nirui has just revealed on her Instagram another upcoming collaboration with Marc Jacobs, set for November 1. Nothing else has been said about the collaboration, but based on the teaser, it involves fluorescent yellow hoodies. We can’t wait to see what the duo has cooked up for us this time!

In the meantime, check out Marc Jacobs latest runway show for Spring 2019.