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Taylor Swift Morphs Into Brigitte Bardot for British Vogue’s January 2020 Cover

It goes without saying that 2019 has been a remarkable year for Edward Enninful and in his continuing effort to propel British Vogue in a new direction (or in this case, a whole new decade), Enninful just dropped the magazine’s very first offering for 2020 starring Taylor Swift. The American singer/songwriter returns to the cover exactly two years after her last appearance morphing into Brigitte Bardot with a little help from beauty dream team Pat McGrath and Guido Palau. Enninful outfitted Swift in vintage Chanel for the cover image shot by photographer Craig McDean.

UK Vogue January 2020 : Taylor Swift by Craig McDean


According to our forum members, the cover is a huge setback. “This is bad. I really like Taylor’s music and don’t have an issue with her on magazines generally, but this is AWFUL. The Photoshop makes her look like a different person. Never thought I’d say this, but this makes her U.S. Vogue September 2019 cover look like a masterpiece,” commented KINGofVERSAILLES.

“The amount of Photoshop and the wig-like hair makes it unlikable,” Srdjan chimed in.

“‘New decade, new style’ starts with Taylor and a Chanel suit? OK, I must be missing something. New style and a new decade should have started with a hot star, model or something less conventional than a successful white girl…” disapproved KissMiss.

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LastNight wasn’t impressed, either. “The cover is horrible and so disappointing. I have to say I haven’t been a fan of McDean’s work for years and this is a real mess. Interesting that it’s a very similar color palette to Dua Lipa’s January 2019 cover: beige and red. I like Taylor, but nothing about this works for me.”

But not everyone hated the outcome. “So sick of her, but my god, this is easily the best cover she has done! The Bardot makeup actually works on her, especially with this styling,” raved Miss Dalloway.

“I like when Taylor goes Bardot — it’s perfect,” approved ghostwriter10549.

“Love it! I don’t think they Photoshopped Taylor, it’s the Bardot-esque styling and makeup. Way better than U.S. Vogue,” applauded Urban Stylin.

Check out some previews of Swift’s cover feature and join the ongoing debate here.

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Grace Elizabeth and Anok Yai Save Vogue Japan’s Overly Altered January 2020 Cover

We’ve been eagerly anticipating Vogue Japan’s latest cover given the fact that the magazine allowed us to watch the cover shoot live. Skipping photographic duo Luigi & Iango this time around, Japanese Vogue commissioned Nick Knight to capture its January 2020 cover starring models-of-the-moment Grace Elizabeth and Anok Yai. The two beauties deliver a striking shot outfitted in looks from Christian Dior’s Fall 2019 Haute Couture collection courtesy of Sarajane Hoare.

Vogue Japan January 2020 : Grace Elizabeth & Anok Yai by Nick Knight


The cover didn’t go over well with a few of our forum members, however. “What in the Avon airbrushed to death campaign is this?” asked Riseup.

“I was looking forward to this cover, but they just had to add this atrocious filter! I wonder who’s to blame: Nick Knight or the editor?” declared russianelf.

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“What a disappointment! I expected so much from this duo and photographer. Vogue Japan really makes any photographer’s signature style void,” said apple.

But not everyone was left unsatisfied. “This is a rather gorgeous cover despite the over-the-top color filter,” proclaimed SLFC.

“Although it does indeed look like a beauty campaign, it is undeniably stunning,” MON chimed in.

“Despite the filter and all of the airbrushing, I like the cover. Both models look stunning and it works for Vogue Japan,” applauded aracic.

“What a gorgeous cover, they have really been on a roll this year. Great way to usher in 2020,” heralded Miss Dalloway.

Do you love or loathe the cover? Sound off and check out the accompanying cover story here.

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Margot Robbie Outshines Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron on W’s Simply Stunning Cover

Sara Moonves is obviously on a mission to overhaul W and now we can’t wait to see each and every issue. Moonves kick-started her tenure with a set of Frank Ocean and Rosalía covers, gave us Kate Moss for the title’s annual art issue and now blesses us with a trio of Hollywood heavyweights. Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and Charlize Theron huddle together on W‘s latest photographed by Colin Dodgson and styled by Moonves herself for the occasion.

W Magazine Volume #8 2019 : Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie & Charlize Theron by Colin Dodgson


Members of our forums loved the Bombshell stars’ cover. “Haven’t seen such a fabulous cover by W in a looooooooooooong time!” exclaimed GERGIN.

“Fantastic cover, they all look super stunning, but I could stare at Margot for hours! She’s gorgeous,” wrote aracic.

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“Surprisingly stunning. They all are really beautiful and photogenic, but Margot is out of this world, I can’t take my eyes off of her,” echoed Melancholybaby.

Fiercification felt the same way: “The cover is a great image, mainly due to Margot looking sensational.”

“Oh my, was not expecting something so simple and gorgeous from W!” praised KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I love the simplicity of this,” caioherrero chimed in.

In total agreement over the outcome was [Piece Of Me]. “This is marvelous. Such a powerful trio and I am very glad W gave them a cover together instead of multiple covers.”

Be sure to check out the accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Karlie Kloss Serves Vintage Glamour on Vogue Spain’s December 2019 Cover

Glamour is always a good idea, especially right before the holiday season really gets going and Vogue Spain obviously heard our pleas for some high fashion loud and clear with the unveiling of its December 2019 installment starring Karlie Kloss. We’ve come to rely on Karlie a great deal over the years since she consistently dazzles on covers shot by various photographers and she delivers yet again before the lens of Txema Yeste. Styled by Juan Cebrian, the supermodel strikes a pose in Carolina Herrera for the vintage-inspired cover shot, helping the magazine close out 2019 on a high note.

Vogue España December 2019 : Karlie Kloss by Txema Yeste


Needless to say, members of our forums were all for it. “Fantastic to see Karlie doing the high-fashion modeling that she excels at. I’ve missed seeing her do this type of work,” wrote tigerrouge.

“This feels very Vogue Italia during their good old days. I’m happy to see Karlie. It’s a beautiful cover,” proclaimed Valentine27.

“Cannot fault a single thing here,” declared Benn98.

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“Wow! Karlie is a classic beauty and she looks absolutely perfect here,” raved jorgepalomo.

Sharing the same enthusiasm for the cover was aracic: “Karlie’s best cover in a long time! She looks absolutely stunning here, the styling is on point, everything is on point!”

GivenchyHomme felt exactly the same way. “I love this version of Karlie. The girl next door shtick is so fake and unappealing. High fashion is where she truly shines. She looks very elegant and sophisticated.”

“Stunning cover! Karlie really does look amazing with this type of styling and modeling,” echoed FashionMuseDior.

“I haven’t seen a good cover like this from Vogue Spain in years,” exclaimed Bertrando3.

Karlie’s cover story is a total must-see. Check it out and join the conversation here.

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Zendaya Stars on Allure’s ‘Ridiculous’ Double Holiday Cover

Michelle Lee hasn’t exactly made us want to race down to the newsstand for Allure over the last 12 months, but she has been successful when it comes to recruiting a whole host of A-list faces to front the beauty-focused title. In 2019, we’ve been treated to covers featuring Serena Williams, Kendall Jenner, Gemma Chan, Adut Akech, Emilia Clarke, Ashley Graham, Naomi Osaka, Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga and Sharon Stone. Now it’s Zendaya’s turn as the actress closes out the year on Allure‘s double December/January offering. Fresh from the cover of ELLE, the Euphoria star poses for photographer Miguel Reveriego wearing a look from her Tommy x Zendaya Fall 2019 collection picked by Law Roach.

Allure December 2019/January 2020 : Zendaya by Miguel Reveriego


The cover immediately sparked fierce debate among our forum members. “Zendaya is gorgeous and interesting enough to not need any gimmick of theirs. She doesn’t deserve this,” called out MON.

“How do magazines always make such a beautiful young woman look so desperately bad? Is there a story line to it? I need answers. And Zendaya needs justice!” declared aracic.

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“Another month (or two) where Allure shies away from the job of making its cover models look good, even though ‘looking good’ is the lifeblood of the beauty industry,” tigerrouge chimed in.

“That logo ruins the picture,” added jorgepalomo.

Benn98 wasn’t a fan: “Let’s not get carried away here — she’s a former Disney star selling Lancôme and Tommy Hilfiger. Another forgettable cover for Allure.”

Forum member jal718 was quick to declare the cover “ridiculous.”

Share your thoughts and join the conversation here.

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RuPaul and Vanity Fair Give Us the Festive and Glamorous Holiday Cover We Deserve

It’s not every month our newsstand dreams become reality so we’re super excited to see none other than RuPaul grace the cover of Vanity Fair. Radhika Jones hasn’t exactly been in our forum members’ good graces this year having churned out many questionable covers, but redeems herself with the title’s holiday edition. Following notable appearances in Vogue back in May and on the cover of Interview for September, Ru strikes a pose in a Swarovski crystal-encrusted bodysuit before the lens of famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Vanity Fair Holiday 2019 : RuPaul by Annie Leibovitz


“MOTHER! Absolutely fantastic, brilliant, beautiful, looks like Linda Evangelista, everything about it is perfect!” applauded aracic.

“Finally the glamour and festive spirit I’ve been missing on covers this month!” raved KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Finally! I was waiting for a moment like this. Miss RuPaul gets the cover she rightfully deserves!” heralded FashionMuseDior.

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Sharing the same level of enthusiasm was MON: “Representation matters. Bravo, Radhika!”

“While RuPaul is pretty well known in this day and age, this Vanity Fair cover is still a big deal as it is the pinnacle of mainstream media acknowledgment. I am now hopeful that Vanity Fair might find its footing again in the upcoming decade,” praised dodencebt.

“It’s over the top but chic and tasteful at the same time, love it,” raved Nymphaea.

“I mean, this just makes me HAPPY!” said Miss Dalloway.

We’ll race you down to the newsstand for this one. See more from Ru’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.