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Chrissy Teigen Wears a Billowy Balmain Dress on the Cover of Marie Claire’s Fall 2020 Issue

Marie Claire has been at the top of our must-see list lately. It’s all thanks to a range of ravishing covers starring Gisele Bündchen, Megan Thee Stallion, Dakota Johnson and Janet Mock. So we were disappointed to hear that Aya Kanai is cutting ties with the American title after only a few short months. (Sally Holmes has been named as her replacement.) For the mag’s Fall 2020 edition, Chrissy Teigen serves as cover star returning following a three-year hiatus. Photographed decked out in a look from Balmain’s Fall 2020 collection, the author and entrepreneur reclines on a tree for the cover shot snapped by Lauren Dukoff.

US Marie Claire Fall 2020 : Chrissy Teigen by Lauren Dukoff


It seems Marie Claire‘s winning streak has come to an end. “She’s swimming in that dress, it looks quite unflattering,” critiqued KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Does anyone care about her or the U.S. edition of Marie Claire in late 2020?” asked Srdjan.

Marie Claire and Chrissy Teigen. Name a more irrelevant duo,” scoffed MyNameIs.

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The cover also missed the mark for vogue28: “I have been a great admirer of American Marie Claire of late, but this is extremely amateur — everything from the photography to the styling is a disappointment. I understand times and resources are hard right now, but there’s just nothing eventful or tolerable here. A total miss.”

“Same here,” replied Benn98. “There’s nothing remotely good about this cover though. The tent she’s wearing, the pose. I’m already not a fan of hers and now the cover looks so appalling.”

“Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is killing it! Said no one. Ever,” added jorgepalomo.

“Not a bad cover for Marie Claire IMO. If only she was lying on the trunk and the dress was flowing, but it’s the pandemic so as long as it’s not a drawing or a selfie, I’m OK with it,” wrote kokobombon.

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Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber Are the Faces of Versace’s New Fragrances

Donatella Versace has always had her finger on the pulse when it comes to casting ad campaigns. She welcomed back Georgina Grenville for the legendary Italian brand’s Pre-Fall 2020 campaign and picked Jennifer Lopez as the face of the coveted Spring 2020 collection. So it was only natural for Donatella to secure two of the industry’s most in-demand beauties for Versace’s new fragrance ads. Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber front the Dylan Blue and Dylan Turquoise scents respectively with both captured on the majestic shores of Sardinia by photographer Harley Weir.

Versace 'Dylan Blue' Fragrance 2020 : Bella Hadid & Hailey Bieber by Harley Weir


“When compared to the Versace Bright Crystal campaign with Iselin Steiro, this is an absolute embarrassment,” voiced vogue28.

“Oh god, this is terrible, cheaper than Bella’s shoot with Gigi for U.S. ELLE. This poor perfume. First we had to make do with Faretta and that random ‘gang’ of hot guys in suits which was so misplaced, now we have what appears to be two of Dan Bilzerian’s arm candies playing at being influencers,” disapproved Benn98.

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“Hailey looks out of place, as usual. She recently hired Gigi and Bella’s power agent (with Bieber’s $$$$) so that explains why she’s being pushed so much lately,” HodanChloe chimed in.

“I would rather it just be Bella, her solo shot is actually gorgeous, but there’s something very cheap about Hailey’s look and I’m not sure what it is, but she has never looked expensive,” critiqued christian001.

Ghesquiere32 was in the same frame of mind: “I love the solo shot of Bella on the rocks. Hailey feels unnecessary.”

“Hailey sticks out like a sore thumb. She’s a beautiful woman, but she is not right for high-end fashion modeling,” stated an unimpressed GivenchyHomme.

Versace 'Dylan Blue' Fragrance 2020 : Bella Hadid & Hailey Bieber by Harley Weir


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Marion Cotillard Looks Lovely on a Pair of October 2020 Covers for British Harper’s Bazaar

British Harper’s Bazaar missed the mark last month, but the title is trying to get back in our good graces for October. The mag just dropped a pair of elegant and graceful covers featuring Marion Cotillard. For her third U.K. Bazaar cover appearance, the French actress and forum favorite was photographed by Serge Leblon and styled by Sheila Single. Marion wears a Chanel Fall 2020 look on the newsstand cover (below) and relaxes in another outfit from Virginie Viard’s collection for the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump).

UK Harper’s Bazaar October 2020 : Marion Cotillard by Serge Leblon


The covers immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “Not a fan of this dress, but it’s a winning cover that reminds me of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Very minimalist. Marion looks great here. All her covers for this edition are perfection,” praised Benn98.

“Compared to those paintings we’ve been getting for covers lately this is like the best thing yet,” applauded ThickGlossies.

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“Gorgeous. This feels like a breath of fresh air after Rihanna’s September cover — love the gray teamed with the navy Chanel and the black and white fonts. I usually prefer cover images which are closer up, but this works perfectly well,” said vogue28.

“What a refreshing cover,” admired MyNameIs.

Forum member caioherrero was also a fan: “I love the subscribers’ cover.”

“Marion always photographs so well! After all those terrible September covers, I’m ready for October!” declared WAVES.

UK Harper’s Bazaar October 2020 : Marion Cotillard by Serge Leblon


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Alicia Vikander Fails to Impress on British ELLE’s October 2020 Cover

When it comes to delivering captivating cover images, Alicia Vikander doesn’t exactly have the best track record on our forums. Publications like Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Porter and ELLE (to name just a select few) have all failed miserably at profiling the Swedish beauty and Louis Vuitton brand ambassador. Following a flop on British ELLE back in April of 2018, Alicia makes a return to the mag’s front cover for October 2020. Captured by Hans Feurer on location in Paris, the firm favorite of Nicolas Ghesquière sports a look from Vuitton’s Fall 2020 collection for the cover shot.

UK Elle October 2020 : Alicia Vikander by Hans Feurer


Unfortunately, Alicia’s luck isn’t about to change. “This really is a bad cover. You have Alicia and can’t do anything better than this with her?” KateTheGreatest pointed out.

“It could have been nice. But the hair and makeup ruined everything,” added GivenchyAddict.

“The coat is really awful, doesn’t deserve to be on any cover. But that’s made worse by everything else, like the hair, makeup, casting. Hans couldn’t have saved this if he tried…” voiced Benn98.

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Sharing the same underwhelming sentiment was vogue28: “Everything’s supposed to be alright in the world when Hans Feurer is shooting the covers of ELLE, but this is abysmal and a downright eyesore. Alicia’s magazine covers are extremely hit or miss, but the hideous eye makeup, styling and laughable posing only make a bad situation even worse.”

“Terrible. Alicia fails to impress in print,” echoed WAVES.

“Clumsy cover. Looks like she just woke up and had a hangover,” phungnam96 chimed in.

“Oh, ouch. Alicia is stunning, I think she’s an incredible beauty, but she seems to fall flat photographically for me. It’s like no one has quite worked out how best to shoot her yet, but I’m convinced it could be done,” wrote honeycombchild.

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Selena Gomez Channels Frida Kahlo on Allure’s October 2020 Cover

Allure is definitely in our good graces following a pair of dynamic and delightful Hunter Schafer covers that won the month of September. In an effort to keep the momentum going, Allure taps none other than Selena Gomez for October 2020. Joining the ranks of recent cover stars Billy Porter, Jihyo and Emma Chamberlain, Selena channels Mexican artist Frida Kahlo for the striking image captured by Micaiah Carter. The Rare Beauty founder applied her own makeup for the occasion (under the direction of Hung Vanngo via Zoom) and wears a leather LaQuan Smith dress teamed with a custom headpiece from Michael Schmidt both chosen by stylist Arianne Phillips.

Allure October 2020 : Selena Gomez by Micaiah Carter


“Honestly, I didn’t expect to like this, but I was pleasantly surprised. Selena looks beautiful and I like the colors, the layout is not too busy and everything works well together. Good one!” approved aracic.

“I like it. I like the sexy Frida Kahlo vibe…” said kokobombon.

“Wow, second stunning Allure cover in a row! Keep it up. Happy to see Micaiah is getting there. It’s not about his signature, it’s about what works for the magazine,” applauded Benn98.

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Sharing the same enthusiasm for the cover was crmsnsnwflks: “That’s a breathtaking photo! I love everything about it! Allure is surprisingly slaying the magazine cover game for two consecutive months now.”

“I really love this photo of her! I like it for the cover, Selena really pulls off the Frida look, too!!” raved lauralynn025.

“I love this cover! She looks gorgeous!” voiced Handbag Queen.

WAVES wasn’t 100 percent sold. “It’s a pretty cover, Selena looks good, but there’s something on the eye area that unsettles me and the earrings were a bad choice. I do love the Frida inspiration, though.”

“A little more expression could’ve made this better. Nevertheless, lovely,” MON chimed in.

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Cynthia Erivo Delivers a ‘Bold and Fabulous’ InStyle October 2020 Cover

Ever since taking over InStyle back in 2016, Laura Brown has endorsed lots of interesting cover stars. We’ve encountered everyone from Kerry Washington to Lady Gaga to Carey Mulligan to Zendaya just this year. Now Cynthia Erivo is added to the impressive list with the unveiling of InStyle‘s October 2020 issue. Captured by photographer Joshua Kissi, the award-winning actress, singer and songwriter wears a ruffled lilac number from Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2020 collection for the bold profile shot.

US InStyle October 2020 : Cynthia Erivo by Joshua Kissi


The cover immediately became a topic of conversation on our forums. “‘Cynthia Erivo Beautiful Music’ sounds like someone drew a blank when they had to think of creative cover lines. It’s a great profile image and the lilac works without being distracting. For some reason, it looks very ELLE,” voiced Benn98 the moment the cover dropped.

“Beautiful portrait! But that cover line…” echoed jorgepalomo.

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“This styling and the colors look very similar to their Lady Gaga cover earlier this year,” Handbag Queen pointed out.

“I don’t like the pink font, but I love Cynthia’s profile! It’s another good cover for October,” approved aracic.

“A bold and fabulous cover, love the use of the portrait shot which makes for an arresting cover and is guaranteed to stand out on the newsstand. I find this just faultless, love the lilac and minimal art direction. No complaints here!” raved vogue28.

Srdjan described the cover as “really beautiful.”

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