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Bella and Gigi Hadid, Vittoria Ceretti and Others Morph Into Mickey Mouse for Chaos Magazine

We’ve come to rely on Luigi & Iango to consistently deliver arresting imagery for magazine covers and advertising campaigns. Whether the duo is shooting major covers for Vogue Japan, Vogue Italia or Vogue Russia, our forums are usually a captivated bunch. Therefore, we aren’t at all surprised that Chaos has commissioned Luigi & Iango for its special poster book commemorating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. To help with the celebrations, Chaos enlisted models-of-the-moment Bella and Gigi Hadid, Karen Elson, Cara Taylor, Shanelle Nyasiase and Vittoria Ceretti to pay tribute, each getting their own cover of the limited-edition book while channeling the iconic Disney character in the most fashion-forward way possible.

Chaos 'The Disney Issue' 2018 : Bella, Gigi, Karen, Vittoria, Cara & Shanelle by Luigi & Iango


The covers sparked a keen interest amongst our forum members. “They’re all really fantastic covers. And I’m loving this little Karen Elson resurgence lately. She’s iconic and is pretty consistently getting good work, but it’s like every couple years she kinda has a full-on spell of high profile fashion gigs and I’m always here for it. It’s surprising how seamlessly she fits in with these girls of an entirely different era,” admired happycanadian.

“Oh my God, Karen’s made me gasp. That face!” exclaimed dodencebt.

“Karen is the winner here,” russianelf declared.

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Dua Lipa Stars on British Vogue’s January Issue, Shot by the Magazine’s First Black Female Cover Photographer

We were pretty content with our copies of British Vogue‘s December issue — that is, until the magazine decided to release its first offering for 2019. Confirming our suspicions about Edward Enninful’s choice of cover girl, Dua Lipa makes her debut on the British fashion bible for January, after first appearing on the cover of Vogue Turkey back in April. Not only does this mark her second Vogue cover appearance overall, but it’s also the first time a black female photographer has shot the cover of the magazine. Nadine Ijewere captures the Brit singer/songwriter in a white feathered Gucci number for the newsstand cover (below) and a white ruffled Gucci maxi dress for the special subscribers cover (after the jump), both styled by Kate Phelan.

UK Vogue January 2019 : Dua Lipa by Nadine Ijewere


Despite the best efforts from everyone involved, members of our forums weren’t exactly elated over the outcome. “A bit disappointed. I wish it was a little more zoomed in and had a different makeup,” voiced Marc10.

“Couldn’t they have zoomed in and make it half-decent? The hair and makeup isn’t helpful either,” Srdjan echoed.

“I knew this moment would come and I knew that I would hate it. I can’t stand this girl anyway, especially wrapped in feathers and with a tacky art direction. Next,” slammed ghostwriter10549.

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Newlyweds Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones Cozy Up on Vogue’s First-Ever Digital Cover

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones are now married, following a lavish wedding ceremony in India, and to make their relationship even more official, the newlyweds take to Vogue‘s first-ever digital cover for January 2019. Receiving the full Vogue treatment, the pair was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the occasion and styled by Tonne Goodman. In the first digital cover (below), Priyanka and Nick were captured on location at Bayonet Farm for a fairly standard portrait image (considering it was captured on Google’s Pixel 3). For the second cover (after the jump), the couple shares an embrace as Nick is seemingly serenading his wife while playing guitar.

Members of our forums certainly weren’t in the mood to celebrate after seeing both covers. “This has to be fake. WTF?” asked Scotty.

“It’s one of the tackiest covers I have ever witnessed. To use a wedding to promote Vogue and themselves is bad taste in my opinion but in this way it’s even worse, it’s just ridiculous,” slammed apple.

“Please tell me that got hacked and this is not for real! What a way to start 2019,” Royal-Galliano wrote.

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Taraji P. Henson Resembles an Air Hostess From the 60s on InStyle’s January Cover

No doubt, Laura Brown won the newsstands in 2018 with major names like Oprah, Serena Williams, Jennifer Aniston and Janet Jackson (to name a select few) starring on the cover of InStyle. Brown has a knack for selecting subjects that many other fashion glossies don’t feature (*cough* Vogue) and this year is already looking promising with none other than Taraji P. Henson on the January 2019 cover. Photographed by Robbie Fimmano and styled by Julia von Boehm, Taraji sadly ends up looking more like an air hostess from the 60s in a look from Valentino than she does your typical InStyle cover girl.

US InStyle January 2019 : Taraji P. Henson by Robbie Fimmano


Safe to say our forum members weren’t fans of the styling. “Lol, 60s air hostess? First cover looks like they’ve Photoshopped her neck out. Both covers are awkward,” stated Benn98.

“A boss owns the airline, they don’t dress like the person who hands out the nuts,” echoed tigerrouge.

“Poor girl… this cover makes me uncomfortable and that’s a pity because you can tell that Taraji has a lot of, let’s call it, ‘fashion energy’. What a mess,” ghostwriter10549 said.

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Karen Elson and Vogue Ukraine Deliver the Festive Cover of Our Dreams for December

This time of year, we’re only after one thing: a festive magazine cover to get us through the holiday season. The majority of magazines have shied away from overly festive cover images this year (some failing miserably) but Vogue Ukraine just hit the nail on the head. The mag brings back Karen Elson for December 2018,  four years after her last Ukrainian Vogue appearance. Photographed by Patrick Biennert and with Julie Pelipas in charge of the styling, the red-headed beauty poses in a moody setting draped in Bulgari diamonds and wering a little black Saint Laurent dress. (Perfect holiday dressing, right?)

Vogue Ukraine December 2018 : Karen Elson by Patrick Bienert


The cover was an instant hit with our forum members. “It is quite dark but beautiful nevertheless. Karen is still as beautiful as ever,” raved dodencebt.

“Don’t actually care that it’s so dark, I’m just living for this festive glamour, Lana Del Rey-style! It’s actually perfect — the props, the way that dress envelopes her body, the jewels. They don’t need to stand aside for the likes of Bazaar. Must get this!” exclaimed Benn98.

“It’s like the indie sequel to her Vogue Italia December 2004 cover. Love it,” mikel said.

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Amber Heard Is Glamour Magazine’s Last Cover Girl — Ever

You’ve no doubt heard the news that Glamour is set to cease its monthly print edition and is going all-digital in 2019 (except for special issues). The American glossy has been on the market for almost 80 years and is currently headed up by Samantha Barry, who kick-started her tenure earlier this year with a rather disastrous Melissa McCarthy cover, followed by a string of disappointments featuring the likes of Anne Hathaway, Kate McKinnon and Tiffany Haddish. Thankfully, Glamour ends its print tenure on a high note with a stunning retro cover featuring Amber Heard for January 2019. The American actress was photographed sitting on a vintage car by Jason Kibbler, wearing a baby blue Equipment dress styled by Vanessa Chow.

US Glamour January 2019 : Amber Heard by Jason Kibbler


For the most part, our forum members thought the cover was a triumph. “Now they want to up the ante? What an effortless yet beautiful cover image! And for once, the art direction really looks interesting. But then Amber has always been gorgeous, even during her pre-Depp lipstick lesbian days. I’m also really keen to read her feature because that coverline sounds so cryptic and intriguing,” noted Benn98.

“What a total shame this marks Glamour‘s last monthly print issue, especially considering this is easily the best cover Samantha Barry has done. I love the retro styling, the colors and think overall the cover is very refreshing for January,” vogue28 credited.

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