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Ana de Armas Stars on Vogue Spain’s ‘Simple and Striking’ April 2020 Cover

Ana de Armas is on fire right now. Fresh off the cover of Vanity Fair, the Cuban-Spanish actress takes to the cover of Vogue Spain for April 2020. The publication has been riding a wave of success on our forums lately by serving up several stunning covers featuring Karlie Kloss, Edie Campbell and Hailey Bieber. And the hits keep on coming with photographer Thomas Whiteside and stylist Juan Cebrian teaming up for a downright gorgeous cover shot with Ana looking utterly stunning in Givenchy.

Vogue España April 2020 : Ana de Armas by Thomas Whiteside


Another win for Vogue Spain. “Gorgeous! Vogue Spain keeps coming up with these stunning yet simple minimalist covers. It could actually become their new identity. Pose, art direction and colors are all perfectly mixed,” praised Benn98.

“From color palette to layout and subject, this is one magnificent cover! Light years ahead of her Vanity Fair. She’s a naturally beautiful woman and it doesn’t take much to highlight that and this team did it right,” approved aracic.

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“I actually love this. Everything works. One of the best ones they’ve had,” echoed MON.

In agreement over how perfect everything looked was HeatherAnne: “Gorgeous, the relaxed pose and color palette complement her beauty so perfectly.”

“A truly fabulous cover, extremely strong and commanding. Thomas Whiteside has done Ana justice, just love everything about this entire cover from the pose to the pink masthead teamed with the red backdrop. Peeeeerfect. Bravo, Vogue Spain!” applauded vogue28.

“It’s simple yet sexy, I like it! Ana is an actress I like too so it’s great to see her booking these covers…” added bluestar.

[Piece Of Me] described the cover as “simple and striking” and we couldn’t agree more.

See more of Ana’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Marion Cotillard Delivers a Dreamy Vogue Paris April 2020 Cover

French women actually don’t front Vogue Paris that often so it’s an all-out celebration whenever Emmanuelle Alt gives the cover to homegrown talent. Get ready to party because Marion Cotillard is the mag’s latest cover star fronting the April 2020 issue eight years after her last stint on the French fashion bible. Photographed by Lachlan Bailey, the face of Chanel’s iconic N°5 fragrance wears a look from Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection while resting on silk sheets.

Vogue Paris April 2020 : Marion Cotillard by Lachlan Bailey


The cover was a hit on our forums. “I love it a lot. Seductive yet laid-back. Always down for a Marion cover,” approved MON.

“What a gorgeous cover shot, finally Alt did something different! Lachlan is a fantastic photographer, I always love his covers,” applauded Miss Dalloway.

“Oh my god, this is gorgeous and deceptively simple. The setting and colors are very lush, expensive and soothing and the gold makeup is gorgeous,” raved dodencebt.

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“Fabulous cover… It’s very classy, timeless and luxurious!” declared Lola701.

Srdjan expressed the same amount of enthusiasm: “Gorgeous-looking A-lister, glamorous clothes and a sense of luxury — this is what a Vogue cover should feel like.”

“All for seeing French actresses on the cover of Vogue Paris! It’s just an added bonus that this cover works so beautifully, love the sense of luxurious comfort (especially given the current pandemic across the globe) and should’ve known Lachlan Bailey would’ve done Marion Cotillard justice,” said vogue28.

“OMG! A French girl on a French fashion magazine and it’s about damn time. Alt finally woke up! I just can’t hate it, very French and glamorous,” proclaimed badgalcrush.

Check out some previews of Vogue Paris’ latest and share your thoughts here.

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Kendall Jenner Goes Glam for Holiday’s Spring/Summer 2020 Cover

Kendall Jenner has a hard time impressing our forums. Whether she’s being overshadowed by Jennifer Lopez in Versace’s current advertising campaign, looking pedestrian on the cover of L’Officiel or trying to make blue eyebrows happen on the cover of Allure, our forum members regularly call Kendall out. So we were eager to see how the American beauty’s latest cover would fare. For Holiday magazine’s Spring/Summer 2020 edition, Kendall sports some heavy makeup in a series of images styled by Alex White and lensed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Holiday #358 S/S 2020 : Kendall Jenner by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


So were our forum members finally impressed? “Stunning!” exclaimed Zposen the moment the cover dropped.

“Some of these are seriously stunning and not just the smiling/laughing ones. She looks alive, she’s doing something with her eyes!” added a pleasantly surprised KINGofVERSAILLES.

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“I love this. Like legit love this!” confessed MON.

Echoing the same sentiment was aracic: “I don’t like collage covers, but each and every shot of Kendall is absolutely magnificent on its own. The makeup, the nails, the tan, her beauty — it all complements each other and creates a beautiful, radiant vibe…”

“I was ready to hate this, but it works well. Nicely embodies the 1970s jet set heiress aesthetic without going overboard with it,” approved whippie.

TommysBaby couldn’t agree more. “I truly love this. The makeup is brilliant and the colors look beautiful together. Very, very well done by the team.”

Do you like the cover? Share your thoughts here.

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Bella Hadid Morphs Into Carla Bruni for Vogue Korea’s Vintage-Inspired April 2020 Cover

We’re used to seeing Bella Hadid greet us down at the newsstand and already just three months into 2020, we’ve encountered Bella on LOVE, Vogue Hong Kong and ELLE France. Now the current face of Moschino, Burberry and Helmut Lang (just to name a few) makes a stunning return to Vogue Korea for April 2020 morphing into her doppelgänger Carla Bruni for the occasion. Captured in the studio before a gray backdrop, Bella stands tall in a jumpsuit from Gucci’s Spring 2020 collection selected by Hyunji Nam for the black and white shot by Luigi & Iango.

Vogue Korea April 2020 : Bella Hadid by Luigi & Iango


Immediately, the cover sparked debate on our forums. “Pretentious cover,” declared MON the moment the cover dropped.

“Who allowed this mess?” asked anadmm.

“Bella by Luigi & Iango and we get this? Shame on Vogue Korea…” added russianelf.

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In the same frame of mind was TommysBaby: “Her nose looks botched and her expression, as per usual, looks like she’s disgusted. This is not a cover image. I cannot fathom this standing out on the newsstand. Very forgettable, indeed.”

GivenchyHomme wasn’t enthralled by the outcome, either. “The lighting is so bad. Just look at the tip of her nose! Then the rest of her face is dull and washed out. Even if she had her head down, it probably wouldn’t work, either. If you’re going for Steven Meisel, pay more mind to your lighting. It will make or break a shot.”

“Immediately gave me vintage Vogue Italia vibes and I’m not complaining. In the grand scheme of magazine covers nowadays, this is by no means dreadful, but I do wish Bella was looking straight down Luigi & Iango’s lens or the pose was a little stronger,” voiced vogue28.

“Love everything about this, very 90s Meisel for Vogue Italia and I always love a full-length Vogue cover!” praised Miss Dalloway.

Check out previews of Bella’s cover story and join the conversation here.

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Natasha Poly Stars on Vogue Russia’s Minimalist April 2020 Cover

On our forums, Natasha Poly is one model who can do no wrong. Whether she’s nailing the “new sexy” for Vogue Japan, proving she’s the ultimate Vogue Paris cover star or striking a fierce pose for Balmain‘s advertising campaign, Natasha always nails it. So we aren’t surprised to see the Russian beauty make a much-anticipated return to Vogue Russia for April 2020. Marking her 60th Vogue cover appearance, Natasha appears angelic while sitting on the studio floor wearing a white lacy dress from Givenchy’s Spring 2020 Haute Couture collection picked by Olga Dunina for the Claudia Knoepfel-shot image.

Vogue Russia April 2020 : Natasha Poly by Claudia Knoepfel


But Natasha’s latest failed to hit the spot. “A bit on the drab and forgettable side for me. It’s not only zoomed out, the art direction looks like an afterthought and I don’t get the styling. To think that both the photographer and editor actually pushed this forward as a cover image is laughable,” remarked Benn98.

“Was so excited to see Natasha, but this cover is dreadful! The boots are the biggest eyesore, I can’t even…such a shame,” agreed aracic.

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“Minimalism does not always mean elegance. Her hair looks messy and this dress looks like your grandmother’s curtains and we all know how uncomfortable such heavy, rough boots are in warm weather. A Vogue cover has always been a window into a beautiful fairy tale, now it’s just a window into a provincial street,” Minerva13 chimed in.

Forum member tigerrouge shared the same sentiment: “I feel like I’ve seen this before — and the only thing missing is a baby. Bring the glamour back.”

“Why? Why are they doing something like this in 2020?” asked GivenchyHomme.

“May not be Natasha’s finest moment on a magazine cover, but there is NO WAY I am going to complain about Natasha Poly on the cover of Vogue — ever! A diehard Poly fan through and through right here so I’m sold no matter the outcome,” added vogue28.

Check out the supplement cover (featuring Natasha and her two adorable children) and have your say here.

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Reese Witherspoon Has a Blast on Vanity Fair’s April 2020 Cover

It’s safe to say that Vanity Fair is back on our radar. The title closed out 2019 with a stupendous RuPaul cover and won us over with its annual Hollywood issue at the beginning of the year (although the mag disappointed us last month with a less-than-stellar Ana de Armas offering). Now Radhika Jones gives Vanity Fair‘s April 2020 cover to Reese Witherspoon three years after the star’s last appearance. Shot by Jackie Nickerson on location at Inner Gardens in Malibu and styled by Samira Nasr, the Little Fires Everywhere actress clearly had a blast during the cover shoot wearing a showstopping Giambattista Valli creation.

Vanity Fair April 2020 : Reese Witherspoon by Jackie Nickerson


But were our forum members impressed? “Even when they have a safe and popular choice, they still manage to muck it up. The styling looks preposterous and I get what the expression/pose is going for, but it just looks awkward for a cover,” said Benn98.

“What the hell is she wearing?” asked a dumbfounded caioherrero.

“That’s a choice. I’m rarely disappointed with Reese’s covers, but this might be one of them,” confessed MON.

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Also not overly impressed was KINGofVERSAILLES: “Both eyes closed on the cover of a magazine? That’s new. In truth, I applaud Radhika anytime she produces a cover that looks unique compared with Graydon Carter’s Vanity Fair. This certainly fits the bill and I want to like it, but it just looks a bit too much like a ‘fun’ outtake.”

Not everyone agreed, however. “I want to hate this because it’s everything I detest in a magazine cover (zero engagement with the reader from the subject and a full-length shot), but somehow I don’t loathe the outcome? Maybe it’s Reese or just the fact that it’s different and outside the norm for Vanity Fair,” voiced vogue28.

“It’s cute and it’s fun — I’m not complaining!” Srdjan exclaimed.

Are you a fan? Share your thoughts and join the conversation here.